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chicken quesadillas

Gluten-Free Summer Meal Makeovers…

May is Celiac Awareness Month!The May long weekend marks the beginning of summer and some of our favourite foods, like juicy ... [Read More...]

May 26 2015 favourite things

Our Favourite Things: Cooking with My Three Boys…

By Richelle TabelonSpecialty: Disordered Eating, Emotional Eating, Weight Management & General HealthMy favorite thing is cooking ... [Read More...]

May 12 Beet Salad 2

My “Red List” of Favourite Foods…

We are proud of our home team, The Calgary Flames, for how far they have come this year. Because of that, I thought it fitting to ... [Read More...]

May 12 final

We are Celebrating 16 Years of Business!…

Back in 1999, when I first started as a sole proprietor, and then incorporated the business in 2000, I never imagined where things ... [Read More...]

fruits and veggies

Getting More Veggies & Fruit: 3 Great Local…

Many Canadians fall short on their fruit and vegetable consumption for a variety of reasons. I am on an ongoing mission to improve ... [Read More...]

Yam vs sweet potato

Produce Confusion: Yam or Sweet Potato? Rutabaga or…

With so many foods in the produce aisle to choose from, you might be wondering which are best. If you are a nutrition geek or foodie ... [Read More...]

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Healthy Recipes

Roasted Carrots & Rutabaga

This is a simple, yummy way to cook root veggies since roasting brings out the natural sweetness in foods. Serve as a vegetable side dish or ... [Read More...]

Spectacular Speedy Shrimp

This is a really fast recipe that has very few ingredients but is loaded with flavor! Serve with rice, steamed veggies and/or a salad to ... [Read More...]

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