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Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

Our Eyes Are More In Charge Than Our Stomachs…

Listen to my podcast where I will discuss how colored potato chips, the color of your tablecloth and ... [Read More...]

Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

Confused About What is on a Label?…

Listen to my podcast where I will help you understand what is relevant on a food label. For your own ... [Read More...]

drinking water

Struggling to Drink Enough Water?…

Listen to my monthly radio program with Angela Kokott, host of Calgary Today for our segment, “You ... [Read More...]

PoppyInn_CulinaryClass _+Canning_Poster

Upcoming Healthy Cooking Classes…

Enjoy the variety of these upcoming healthy cooking classes in Calgary.  A series of classes that ... [Read More...]

Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

“Fat taxes” – does increasing price curb consumption?…

Listen to my podcast where I will discuss whether or not raising the price of foods deemed ... [Read More...]

Sherene Sieben

Embracing the “ish”…

My favourite food word is "ish" For those who know me, I am a passionate, fun loving person. I am ... [Read More...]

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Healthy Recipes

Mango Kale Smoothie with Mint

After trying a kale smoothie from a smoothie bar, I was inspired to try adding kale to my smoothie. Here is the recipe to my recent culinary ... [Read More...]

Mac and Cheese

Recipe Courtesy of Sherene Sieben Enjoy this yummy family meal on a cold winter day! Makes 4 servings What You Need: 2 cups macaroni2 ... [Read More...]

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