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Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

Emotional Eating…

Listen to my podcast where I will help you understand “stomach hunger”:Stomach hunger can be defined as the physical symptoms ... [Read More...]

Global Calgary

Nutrition for Diabetes Management…

What is diabetes? Type 1 diabetes, which occurs most often in children and adolescents, occurs when the body is unable to make ... [Read More...]

Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

Nutrition for Diabetes Management…

Listen to my podcast where I will discuss "What is diabetes and how can you manage it?":Type 1 diabetes, which occurs most often ... [Read More...]


How to Choose a Calcium Supplement…

Listen to my monthly radio program with Angela Kokott, host of Calgary Today for our segment, “You are what you eat” to get the goods ... [Read More...]

healthy teeth

Chew on Healthy Habits…

Nutrition for Good Oral Health Nutrition Role for Dental Caries Dental caries (commonly known as tooth decay or cavities), form ... [Read More...]

office margaritas

Staff Margarita Meetings?…

I've made it a mission to host FUN staff meetings that are equipped with sharing, collaborating and of course delicious food.  This ... [Read More...]

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Healthy Recipes

Layered Mexican Bean Dip

This is a fabulous party appetizer, fun weekend lunch or "finger food friday" vegetarian supper meal.  An even simpler version of this dip ... [Read More...]

Easy Handmade Hoisin Sauce

This fast recipe is great tossed over stir-fried chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu and mixed veggies for a fast weekday supper meal.  Serve your ... [Read More...]

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