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Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

Research Proves Shopping Hungry Leads to Higher…

Listen to my podcast where you will discover how shopping while hungry causes higher calorie purchasing: You may have guessed that ... [Read More...]


Sugar and Alternative Sweeteners…

What is safe? There have been plenty of negative discussions about sugar in the media, documentary films as well as consultations by ... [Read More...]

fruits and veggies

Three Ways to Make Your Veggies and Fruit Stay…

Listen to my monthly radio program with Angela Kokott, host of Calgary Today for our segment, “You are what you eat” to get the goods ... [Read More...]


Turning Over an OLD Leaf…

I know the expression is "turning over a new leaf" but after watching our clients shift through change over the years I am wondering ... [Read More...]

restaurant eating

How to Eat Out Without Blowing Your Nutrition Plan…

Is it possible to eat out without blowing your nutrition plan? Yes! There are no bad meals, just bad diets as a whole. If there ... [Read More...]

Pursuit of Healthiness Podcast

Are School Health Programs Creating Eating Disorders?…

Listen to my podcast where you will learn if school health program are creating disorders: Toronto psychiatrist Leora Pinhas at ... [Read More...]

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Healthy Recipes

5 Minute Vegetarian Tostada

Sometimes the best things in life are really this simple. Try this delicious meal for a Meatless Monday supper or to change up your typical ... [Read More...]

Red Lentil, Peanut, and Sweet Potato Soup

This is a fabulous vegetarian slow-cooker meal courtesy of Canadian Lentils  This recipe is simple to prepare and perfect ... [Read More...]

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