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We need your input!

We need your help. Before we can finalize everything for our new program, we need to make sure we’ve covered everything. That is where you come in – there is really only one thing we want to ask you…

What are the top 2 questions/topics you have as a parent/caregiver. What do you struggle with the most that we absolutely NEED to answer in this program?

What Our Past Clients & Colleagues Have to Say About Jana & Britney

“My Dietitian has been such a positive influence in my eating disorder recovery. I have been able to incorporate grains, soulful foods (like ice cream) and enjoy a glass of wine once in a while. I am able to not go overboard and really tune in to my feelings and check in with myself. I’m setting boundaries for myself and trying to handle those situations by laughing and I find having a better diet is helping me be happier and have more energy and a clear mind. My Dietitian is so genuine, realistic, helpful and honest. I appreciate that she is so down to earth and really just amazing on how supportive and flexible she has been to my needs.”
“The Dieticians at Health Stand Nutrition help you to take action on the science behind eating well by making it practical, understandable, and fun. Their office is cozy and not at all clinical or intimidating. I felt like I was sitting down with a really smart, caring friend who wanted to help me make the best choices for my lifestyle and food preferences. They really are the best in the business.
Marty Avery
“When I came to Health Stand, my child was struggling with food and at the time we thought depression.  As a parent I struggled, albeit still do, with failing my daughter and not providing her with what she needed most.  With time, I have come to learn more about my daughter and how I can be the person she can come to and lean on when times seem hard.

When we went on this journey with our dietitian to help our daughter we realized that our family unit was in need of repair as well, and as we continue with our daughters recovery our dietitian has taught us to be more of an emotional support system for the members of our family. As time moves along I wouldn’t have thought that our family was one in need of healing but in all honestly no family is perfect and we all have benefited from our dietitian’s knowledge and wisdom.

Our dietitian has guided us to help us work together with our struggles, and we do not need to handle the tough stuff alone.”
Shara M.
“As a psychologist that has specialized in eating disorders for over 20 years, I am extremely particular about the dieticians that I trust to work with my clients. Jana and Britney are my ‘go to’ dieticians as they have a high level of experience, training and insight into the complex dynamics and impact that an eating disorder brings to both the client and their loved ones. They understand the importance of supporting parents/caregivers through this journey as the knowledge and skills necessary are not ’natural’ and need to be learned. Britney and Jana provide a thoughtful and supportive environment for parents/caregivers to develop an effective approach in their support of someone struggling with an eating disorder.”
Adele Fox

Director and Registered Psychologist at Adele Fox

“Our Dietitian immediately made a connection with our daughter. Her kind and understanding way instantly built trust in all of us. Our Dietitian instinctively knew how to encourage our daughter, asking meaningful questions and providing helpful ideas on navigating the day-to-day struggles of simply eating. With our Dietitian’s support, we could see a path out of disordered eating. Her guidance gave us, as parents, a role in how we could effectively help our daughter. With her encouragement, we were empowered and no longer felt helpless and alone. Thanks to our Dietitian’s help, our daughter made excellent gains back to health. As she recovered weight, she was determined to put disordered eating behind her and seek therapy to address the root of her mental health issues. Our daughter fought hard in her recovery, and we credit a large part of that to our Dietitian. She inspired a will to get better in our daughter, and for that, we will always be grateful.”
Sam B.
“I readily admit that as it related to the ED, I couldn't understand the value of a dietician when our therapist first suggested it. Our daughter was already seeing a therapist weekly and knew ALOT about food, nutrition, and healthy eating habits (yes, we understand the irony). I couldn't have been more wrong. Our daughter was depressed, angry, withdrawn; she felt unreachable no matter what we tried. Having our Dietitian meant that we could step back from ensuring my daughter was eating enough calories to survive and focusing on making sure she wasn't getting sicker, and focus on supporting, encouraging, and validating her needs and experience. I cannot express this enough: THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING. She 'held our hands' as we learned how to sit with our daughter as she tried new challenges. She provided multiple resources and strategies that we used to help my daughter - we were fearful of pushing her too hard that she'd shut down, and also fearful of not holding the line and letting the ED gain traction; without our Dietitian it would have been incredibly difficult for us to know what to do. She was such a steadying and encouraging force whenever we had questions or we had a difficult experience, and a wonderful cheerleader when things went well.

There is absolutely no question that our Dietitian was absolutely invaluable to us.”
Caylie V
“Juno House is a specialist therapy center, specializing in working with Adolescent girls and young women with anxiety-based issues, which include: eating disorders, self-harm, depression, and obsessive-compulsive behaviours.

We partner with the dieticians at Health Stand Nutrition for all of our Eating Disorder client families.  Jana Spindler and Britney Lentz have gone above and beyond the regular training as dieticians to immerse themselves in the emotional world of eating disorders.  They are both trained in Emotional Focussed Family Therapy and use it extensively in their work with our families.  Jana has taken the step of completing her Masters in Counselling to add an even deeper level to her work with girls and parents with an Eating Disorder in the family.

This group program will be invaluable for parents who are navigating an eating disorder with their child.  You will learn and be challenged to question what you might have understood about eating disorders, and you will be given tools to lean into the emotional world of your child to help them step out of the world of eating disorders.”
Lois Sapsford

MSW, RCSW Director, Juno House

“Our dietitian validated the experiences we were having, while detecting and calling out the tactics or schemes of the eating disorder. With JB’s invitation and approval, there were no topics off the table. We were supported in our desire to be honest and vulnerable. Our dietitian encouraged questions and accepted the range of emotions that accompany recovery, while providing an open, honest, and respectful environment for our meetings. And whether we were experiencing a good day or a hard day, knowing we were always “on the same team”, was a valuable key in addressing the eating disorder. Our dietitian was great at providing suggestions to improve weekly outcomes. She not only challenged JB, but at times provided us as parents, with alternative actions and words to think about and/or implement. Our dietitian also encouraged us to connect with her with questions or concerns in between appointments. Knowing there was help available outside of an appointment was a huge relief. Now that JB has been doing well for some time, we as parents have taken a back seat, and encouraged JB and our dietitian to continue working together without our direct involvement. Having said that, we know if we ever have concerns and/or questions, our dietitian is available. And that is a blessing!”
Health Stand Nutrition - Online Nutritionist Calgary Dietitian team

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