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Dietitian Resources on How to Eat Healthy

No nutrition non-sense here, just credible advice on how to eat healthy by our trustworthy team of Registered Dietitians. Regardless if you are looking for meal planning resources, healthy recipes, nutrition articles and trustworthy resources for balanced living, we’ve got your covered.

Eat Fully with Your

Left + Right Brain

The human brain is divided into two broad hemispheres. The left brain is responsible for logic, science, math, patterns and analytical tasks. The right brain is responsible for feeling, creativity, art, imagination, taste and intuition.

We think of eating fully in using both parts of your brain.

Our left analytical brain can be leveraged to help you build habits to eat healthfully (get enough nerdy nutritious foods for health). Our right creative brain can guide you to eat soulfully (with taste, intuition, joy and flexibility in your eating choices).

Overall our goal is to empower you to create a healthy and joyous relationship with food and your body. No extreme clean eating regimes here, only balanced living you can sustain for life.

Live Fully


Eating fully = healthfully (left brain) + soulfully (right brain)

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