Nutrition Bootcamp 

Short online training program & resource kit to get your eating back on track at home


Are you struggling with emotionally over or under-eating and worried about the so-called ‘quarantine-fifteen’?

Or maybe you’re anxious about over or under buying food?

Or perhaps you’re craving junk food and stuck for ideas of what to eat?


As a Registered Dietitian for 20 years I know that eating healthfully isn’t always easy. If you are like many of the clients our virtual Dietitian team is seeing right now, I’m willing to bet the last few months have been extra challenging for you with work and family commitments.

To help you navigate a solid yet simple nutrition game plan for your home, I’ve put together this special online training and key resources to help you get back on track.



This laser focused online training program and supporting resources are designed to help you with:

  1. Strategies to reduce anxiety about the competing challenges of scarcity AND abundance of food in your home.
  2. How to combat chaotic eating. Get back on track with clarity about what and when to eat.
  3. Finding peace of mind with how you shop and what you stash in your pantry and fridge.
  4. A blueprint for building simple healthy meal and snack choices.
  5. Guidance to help you tackle cravings for sweet and savoury foods and begin managing emotional eating. 


Who is this for?

  • Busy people that haven’t got around to figuring out how to plan, shop and cook healthy yet simple meals.
  • Overwhelmed families that need a practical eating plan to get everyone in the house on track with healthier habits.
  • Those that live alone that are experiencing higher levels of loneliness and depression that need encouragement and motivation about how to best fuel themselves.
  • Those that like most food and don’t want to follow restrictive diets and food rules that steal enjoyment (in other words if you like chocolate and potato chips this session is for you!)

 What is Included? 

Online Training

I know you are busy so I’ve developed a 50 minute online video training program you can watch whenever you like to help you get your nutrition back on track.


Electronic copy of the Nutrition Bootcamp Workbook to follow along and take notes during the online video training.

Shopping Guide

The Perfect Pantry Guide (eBook of the must-have foods to stash in your pantry, fridge and freezer.

Meal Plan & Cookbook

Your Healthy Home Meal Planning Guide (eBook of menu ideas for dozens of meals, snacks and simple, tasty recipes).

Fun & Flexibility

No gimmicks, fad diets, or unnecessary food restrictions here. This is a no-nonsense program for people that want to eat well but still have a life.

Right now you have a choice.  The choice to let your eating patterns go sideways and be stressful and mindless…

OR You can come up with a simple clear healthy eating game plan. One that feels clear, simple and responsive.

I’m nudging you to be the eating role model and leader of health for yourself and your family that I know you want to be. Imagine looking back at this unique period of time and reviewing your efforts for ‘COVID coping’ and feeling proud of the proactive steps you took for your health.

You don’t need to make this complicated or spend hours trying to figure this out. I can teach you simple strategies in the short online training and give you the supporting resources and cheat sheets to make eating at home simpler. You also don’t need to eat perfect (after all as the chocolate loving nutritionist I will always teach you strategies that include your favorites like chips and chocolate).

Join me and other like-minded action takers in this online training by purchasing below.  You will be given immediate access to watch the training and review the resource kit whenever you like.

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Presented by Registered Dietitian Andrea Holwegner

Empowering you to create a healthy and joyous relationship with food and your body

I’m Andrea Holwegner, I speak internationally to busy people and companies on how to generate energy to fuel top performance for business and life. Individuals and teams cannot thrive to their fullest potential without personal health and optimized eating habits. The good news is, bite-sized changes have super-sized results.

As a media expert, online course creator and Founder/CEO of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting since year 2000, I know a lot about how to get people unstuck when it comes to their health habits. As the Chocolate Loving Nutritionist I teach people to eat nerdy nutritious foods (but also how to have a life that includes fun foods like chocolate and potato chips).

I love presenting to audiences with high-stress jobs, insanely busy schedules and that are off-track with their health. Why? Because I always receive positive comments that have helped people see that eating well doesn’t need to be complicated or full of restrictions.  My Dietitian team and I hear from individuals and time-strapped working parents like me each day. They are taking action on our steps to make healthy eating simple, fun, and more effective.

My mission is to globally empower people to have a healthy and joyous relationship with food. If you are looking for rich content and a down-to-earth FUN perspective on wellness, I’m your gal.

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“Andrea Holwegner is a leading expert in the field of nutrition. After numerous successful television segments on Global Morning News, we asked her to be a regular monthly guest expert. Andrea has continued to bring forward current issues and topics relevant to our viewers. She understands media, comes well prepared, and is both entertaining and energetic. We look forward to continued work with her as a regular guest on our show. Thanks Andrea!”
Angela Kokott

Past co-host, Global Morning News Calgary

“Andrea’s message was delivered with humor and empathy. She makes people feel as though they can make changes without leaving behind every favorite food. This message and the way it was delivered resonated with our predominantly male, blue collar culture. I would highly recommend Andrea as a speaker for groups such as ours. She will get your message across without alienating anyone in your audience – which is a huge hurdle when trying to introduce a wellness program in the workplace!”
Stephanie Wood, HR and Safety Manager
Fisher Construction Group, Burlington, WA
“Andrea, your high energy keynote session was right on target! Your positive contagious energy and humour generated optimism with our group. Your stories and practical tips not only captivated the attention of our group, but inspired us to take charge of our health. We learned that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, and that small changes can really make a difference in how we feel at work every day.”
Debra Watt, Manager, Court Services

Alberta Justice

“Andrea’s presentation was very entertaining, engaging and inspiring. I loved the personal approach. It was good to see the material presented in a manner that could be well received by the audience who for the most part would be unwilling/open to changing their diet for the better.”
Brandon Buchholz, Health Care Aide

Attendee of First Nations and Inuit Health: Health Care Aide Training Day

“Andrea has a longstanding, solid reputation with colleagues and clients because of her creative, compassionate, “let’s do it” approach to life and work.  Her information is credible, evidence-based and better yet, presented in a way that sticks. I’ve referred clients to her practice for over ten years, knowing their personal struggles and questions will be greeted with zero judgement.  Rather, Andrea understands that everyone’s relationship with food can sometimes be distressing or frustrating, and she welcomes a chance to explore solutions that are practical and joyful.”
Dr. Colleen Cannon, Clinical Psychologist

Co-founder Craving Change Inc.

“Excellent presentation! What a refreshing change to have a speaker inspire rather than “lecture” about nutrition. Your captivating stories, tips and overall approach to healthy eating uplifts and puts people at ease. It was great to hear we don’t need to strive to be perfect eaters, and that small changes really can make a difference in how we feel and in our health. Thanks to Andrea, we have solutions to our everyday nutrition challenges that can actually work in real life!”
Tina Tamagi, Human Resources

ARC Resources Ltd.

“Thanks Andrea for an amazing presentation, I have heard all positive remarks from attendees and the evaluations show the same sentiment. You truly took the “die” out of Dietician! Your information on healthy eating and simplifying how we can work towards this as we are all so busy really hit the mark.”
Carole Ann LaGrange, Transfusion Medicine Safety Officer

Event Planner for Laboratory Diagnostic Imaging Annual Event

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