How to promote wellness in the workplace

Start with our corporate wellness nutrition scorecard

Wondering how to promote wellness in the workplace? Start by examining nutrition in the workplace. Nutrition is one of the most important yet ironically neglected components of a corporate wellness program. Often organizations only offer small initiatives such as a single annual lunch and learn nutrition seminar. It is no surprise that you can’t shift change in an organization in just one hour. Healthy eating support needs to come from a wide range of ongoing initiatives.

Before making changes, your first step is to download our one-of-a kind workplace nutrition scorecard designed by our CEO Andrea Holwegner, who has been working with corporate groups since the year 2000.

Assess how your organization is doing in the 5 components of how we think about workplace nutrition:

  1. Leadership and management team buy-in, education, commitment and vision.
  2. Employee and family education in diverse learning styles (online education, hard copy resources, group learning and individual counselling).
  3. Offer diverse healthy food choices in the workplace (beverages, vending machines, catering, retailers and events).
  4. Provide a healthy environment and culture for eating (kitchen, equipment, eating area and appropriate breaks to encourage healthy eating).
  5. Support health charities, food donation and nutritious fundraising initiatives.

Grab our Workplace Nutrition Scorecard to begin with ideas on how to promote wellness in the workplace by filling out the form below:



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