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Apply for Equity Pricing

What it is:  We believe people should not be turned away for this program due to a lack of funds. If finances are a challenge, you can request support and apply for equity pricing. 

We are entrusting you — on your honor — to apply for equity pricing because, without it, a program like this would not be financially possible right now. 

How to be considered: Read the following questions and submit an application for review. Make sure your total response is at least 250 words so we have enough details to properly understand your situation. 


The number of people we can assist for equity pricing will vary from group to group. But rest assured we’ll keep your application on file for one year. Successful applications will be contacted directly.

What Our Past Clients & Colleagues Have to Say

“When I learned my daughter had anorexia nervosa (AN) many years ago, it was a confronting, frightening, and disorienting experience. We were told it wasn’t our fault per se. However, we experienced direct and indirect blame and even though I knew better, over the years, I took on the implicit stigma of being a parent with a child with AN. Additionally, we were given little in terms of how to support our daughter during meals and on her journey

In contrast, during the Caregivers United program, I experienced compassion and acceptance, and the expectation that I could play a vital role in my now adult daughter’s recovery process.

While I am grateful that research has broadened and deepened professionals’ understanding of eating disorders, I believe that if all parents and partners of loved ones with eating disorders started out with the type of education, support, and skills offered by Caregivers United, their family members would have much better outcomes. I am so grateful for the experience of this group program.”
Deborah Saari
"I am so thankful my husband encouraged me to take the class. I felt like the presenters fully understood eating disorders which was so comforting and empowering. If I hadn't taken the program, I would still be struggling with a lack of confidence in my supporter role."
Shelly Potts
“Before taking this online program I felt like there was little that we could DO outside of meal support and taking our daughter to her therapy appointments.

Caregivers United has given us a better understanding of what an eating disorder is and what it isn't - that it is more about the emotions and less about what food is being eaten or not eaten. Learning about emotion coaching in the program has been super helpful - I was aware of the need to talk about feelings but did not realize that I have such a big role to play there and how important it is for us to learn this skill.

I appreciated the group sessions and the convenience of having it on Zoom. Being able to see Jana and Britney’s faces live really made the material come to life and I liked that they were in a room together making it feel less like a typical Zoom session.”
“This program provided me with helpful insights to how my daughter perceives herself and the world around her.  I have now been able to structure my approach to better meet her needs. I used to approach her using logic and  reason, however through the program I learned that that was not what she needed. Adjusting my approach is helping her, and me. Moving forward gathering small wins to make a difference. 

I highly recommend the Caregivers United.”
“As a psychologist that has specialized in eating disorders for over 20 years, I am extremely particular about the dieticians that I trust to work with my clients. Jana and Britney are my ‘go to’ dieticians as they have a high level of experience, training and insight into the complex dynamics and impact that an eating disorder brings to both the client and their loved ones. They understand the importance of supporting parents/caregivers through this journey as the knowledge and skills necessary are not ’natural’ and need to be learned. Britney and Jana provide a thoughtful and supportive environment for parents/caregivers to develop an effective approach in their support of someone struggling with an eating disorder.”
Adele Fox

Director and Registered Psychologist at Adele Fox

“Juno House is a specialist therapy center, specializing in working with Adolescent girls and young women with anxiety-based issues, which include: eating disorders, self-harm, depression, and obsessive-compulsive behaviours.

We partner with the dieticians at Health Stand Nutrition for all of our Eating Disorder client families.  Jana Spindler and Britney Lentz have gone above and beyond the regular training as dieticians to immerse themselves in the emotional world of eating disorders.  They are both trained in Emotional Focussed Family Therapy and use it extensively in their work with our families.  Jana has taken the step of completing her Masters in Counselling to add an even deeper level to her work with girls and parents with an Eating Disorder in the family.

This group program will be invaluable for parents who are navigating an eating disorder with their child.  You will learn and be challenged to question what you might have understood about eating disorders, and you will be given tools to lean into the emotional world of your child to help them step out of the world of eating disorders.”
Lois Sapsford

MSW, RCSW Director, Juno House

Health Stand Nutrition - Online Nutritionist Calgary Dietitian team

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