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Co-Branded Quarterly Employee Nutrition Newsletter

Promote a culture of wellness with nutrition content employees will appreciate

Boost employee well-being with our co-branded corporate wellness newsletter! These 12-15 page quarterly newsletters are offered quarterly and have the option of adding your company logo alongside ours to personalize the newsletter.

They can be shared with employees by email, within your company intranet or Microsoft Teams platform. For employees less likely to read wellness information digitally, you can also print physical copies for the lunch room or warehouse .

The WorkWELL Nutrition Newsletter for workplaces includes seasonal topics relevant to workplace wellness and helps your employees maintain good health, manage stress, and elevate productivity and performance at work. It includes healthy eating articles, recipes, and simple meal planning tips that even the most unhealthy employees can implement.

Our wellness newsletter content is written by our team of Registered Dietitians, but also includes content from industry experts such as psychologists, fitness leaders and other professionals. You can be rest assured that the information provided is credible, interesting and evidence-based. You won’t find any trendy gimmicks, just useful and practical information employees will find helpful that can improve their overall health and mental health.  

Help your employees take a step forward toward better health and nutrition.

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