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Registered Dietitian Opportunity

Private Practice Nutrition Counselling


Are you a Registered Dietitian with a passion for nutrition counseling?  We are looking for friendly, team-oriented and collaborative consulting Dietitians to join our practice.

This is a unique opportunity for Dietitians with excellent interpersonal and leadership skills and a passion for not just teaching the science of nutrition and meal planning but also an understanding of the complexities of behavior change, psychology, motivation and why we eat what we eat.


This opportunity is a perfect fit if you:

  • are currently running a private practice and would like to join a collaborative team to reduce the loneliness and overwhelm that is common when working solo.
  • are someone that wants to spend more time counseling right-fit clients in your specific area of expertise in the best way you know how and be able to connect with other Dietitians on a team to share best practices.
  • are an individual or parent that wants flexibility and control over your schedule. You love being a Dietitian and working with clients on education and nutrition counseling (but don’t have the time or interest in the business side of running a private practice).
  • have many years of experience as a Dietitian in public health but are ready for a change that allows you flexibility and the reward of working with clients highly motivated to change and seeking longer term support.


Overall Position:

  • Independent contractor consulting Dietitian positions (in-person, virtual or hybrid).
  • Primary responsibility: virtual nutrition counseling or in-person nutrition counseling from our Calgary office location.
  • Our practice continues to grow. Let us know your area of specialty and interest that can compliment our practice.
  • We are especially looking for Dietitians with 10-20+ years experience in any dietetics role with a personal interest in menopause and womens health. 
  • We are also interested in Dietitians with expertise and/or a willingness to invest in training in digestive health/IBS/low fodmap diet and eating disorders (as well as mental health, emotional eating, improving a poor relationship with food and dieting recovery), renal nutrition, sports nutrition, fertility, oncology, PCOS, meal planning/culinary skills and more.  Let us know your personal areas of specialty in your cover letter.
  • Availability 2-4 days per week for bookings.


Benefits of This Opportunity:

Work within an established private practice of over 20 years that offers you support:

  • Collaboration: Share best practices, resources and diverse expertise with like-minded collaborative peers.
  • Right-fit Client Bookings.  Receive referrals for your area of expertise from your connections, our marketing efforts and from other members of our team. Pass inquiries not in your area of expertise to someone else on our team.
  • Systems: Training, mentorship and onboarding provided for this role in the beginning to provide you with a solid foundation of resources from over 20 years of business (while still allowing you to bring your own personal flare, resources and favorite ways to educate).
  • Flexibility: Control over your booking schedule to offer client bookings at flexible times that work around your personal, family and vacation schedule.
  • Business Support: Our practice manages the time intensive and financial cost of running a business such as administration support, sales calls, physical office costs, advertising, marketing, graphic design, website costs, nutrient analysis software, accounting, electronic medical charts, secure cloud storage, compliant videoconference technology, supplies/resources, office phone/fax/internet, merchant fees etc.
  • Engaged Clients: Work with highly motivated clients that are committed to health and want to change their lifestyle. Experience the reward of watching people change and grow over time because of your ongoing counselling advice since you will create longer term relationships than most other traditional Dietitian roles



  • Registered Dietitian
  • Registration with the College of Dietitians of Alberta (or willingness to join/add)
  • Member of Dietitians of Canada with malpractice insurance (or willingness to join/add).
  • Excellent interpersonal, teaching, communication and leadership skills. Strong ability to translate the complex science of nutrition into practical, easy to understand messages for the general public.
  • Confident, encouraging, highly energetic and keen to motivate clients.
  • Enjoys meal planning, cooking and creative solutions using a non-dieting approach for a variety of lifestyles and nutrition challenges.
  • Last but not least, we want someone that is a team player and likes to have fun!


Application Submission Details:

EMAIL your application to


Attention:  Andrea Holwegner, CEO, RD  Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.

Due date for application:  Friday May 26, 2023  or until filled

Start date: to be discussed

In addition to your resume please submit a cover letter that answers the following questions:

  1. What prompted you to apply for this position?
  2. After reviewing the job description and our company website what professional skills and experience do you have that you feel you can offer our business?
  3. After reviewing the job description and our company website what about our practice personally appealed to you?
  4. Do you enjoy wellness, food, cooking or some aspect of healthy living? If so how?
  5. What are you looking for most from our team/practice both personally and professionally?
  6. Which days and times each week are you generally available? Approximately how many hours per week would you like to work (or need to work)?
  7. Do you have a blog or public social media to share?

Before submitting your application it is strongly recommended that you review our company website and get a good feel for our practice and if you would be a good fit.  Visit www.healthstandnutrition.com


We look forward to hearing from you!


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