Corporate Healthy Cooking Classes

A healthy workforce is a happy workforce! Help make meal prep and healthy cooking easier with our virtual cooking classes for employees

Our virtual cooking classes are designed to educate and inspire your team to create healthy meals that are not only good for the body, but also taste great! Led by Dietitian and foodie, Shauna Kime, our classes are interactive, fun, and informative.

In our lively corporate cooking classes, your team will grow more confident planning, prepping, and cooking healthy meals. Our classes are not just about cooking, but also about learning how to live a healthy lifestyle with helpful nutrition and healthy eating tips. You’ll learn how to incorporate the recipes you make into a balanced plate for satiety and satisfaction.

In addition to promoting employee wellness, our cooking classes can also help boost productivity and morale. By providing your team with the tools and knowledge they need to make healthy choices in the kitchen, you’ll be setting them up for success both in and out of the office.

Invest in the health and happiness of your workforce by booking a corporate healthy cooking class today as part of your wellness program.

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Shauna Kime Healthy Online Cooking Classes

Sample Virtual Cooking Class Themes

1 Online cooking classes - 30 minute meal - quesadillas

30 Minute Meals

2 Online cooking classes - repurposed meals

Repurposed Meals

3 Healthy cooking classes - Breakfast

Quick, On-the-Go Breakfasts

4 Health cooking classes - Lunch

Power Packed Lunches

5 Virtual cooking classes - veggies

How to Make Vegetables Tasty

6 Plant based cooking class

Plant-Based Power Meals & Snacks

7 Freezer Stashes

Freezer Stashes for Super Busy Days

Energy Balls Snack

Stress Busting Snacks

A: Delicious & Nutritious Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

Crunched for time? After a busy work day, sometimes the last thing we want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. In this class we will discuss how to stock up your pantry, fridge and freezer to aid in quick meals in a crunch. Learn how to use convenient options and healthy prepackaged food items without sacrificing good nutrition. Whether it is busy weeknight evenings or later work days, this class will keep you eating well and thriving. We will demonstrate 2 recipes of your choice from our tried and tested ideas and leave you with an additional list to take home for more meals in a crunch.

B: Repurposed Meals: Cook Once, Eat Twice

What is one thing we all wish we had more of? Time. So how do we get more time without compromising our health? In this class we will focus on how to revamp leftovers so you’re not eating the same thing twice. We will start with one or two main protein options of your choice and discuss how this main ingredient can be used in other meals. This helps with time spent in the kitchen without consuming the same boring leftovers for days. You are going to love this stress-free way to bulk buy and diversify your options. In this lively class, we will demonstrate 2-3 repurposed meals and leave you with a list for more cook once, eat twice themes.

C. Quick, On-the-Go Breakfasts to Fuel Your Brain

Not a fan of breakfast or have little time to prepare breakfast? We’ve got you covered in this helpful session to start your day off right by fueling your brain for a productive day ahead. In this class we will discuss the importance of breakfast and how you can make quick, healthy, on-the-go breakfasts or make-ahead meals that even a breakfast skipper will love. We will demonstrate 3 breakfast recipes and provide you with a list of simple, grab and go options to make your work day easier.

Healthy Cooking Classes - Shauna Kime

D. Power Packed Lunches: Bowls, Bentos & Sandwiches

The midday meal is a time where we want to recharge and refuel so productivity doesn’t waiver in the afternoon. This class will transform your every day, potentially repetitive lunch, with new and delicious ideas that will get you excited for your next lunch while working from home, at the office or when you are on the go. We will demonstrate 3 recipes and provide you with a list of other ideas to help ensure you’re energized for the day ahead.

E. Up Your Vegetable Game: How to Make Veggies Tasty

Say goodbye to bland, boring or tasteless veggies! In this class you will learn how to fall in love with vegetables by making delicious side dishes that will complement any meal. Variety is the spice of life and that includes how you think about vegetables. Whether it’s the same few vegetables you love but prepared a different way or it’s the same preparation method but with different vegetables, variety is key. Learn how to ‘dress up’ vegetables and salads in this fun exploratory class. In this session, we’ll demonstrate 3 recipes and provide you with a list of other simple vegetable ideas.

F: Plant-based Power Meals & Snacks

Are you looking to incorporate more plant-based meal planning ideas into your weekly meals? Or perhaps you or a family member is vegetarian or vegan and you struggle with new ideas on what to make? This class is for you. Together we will discuss the key nutrients to think about when planning vegetarian or vegan choices and how to ensure you meet your requirements. In this class we will make 3 recipes and provide you with a list of other great vegetarian options.

Virtual Cooking Classes - Shauna Kime

G: Freezer Stashes for Super Busy Days

Whether you are a busy parent, working professional or a single person that is tired of cooking for one, this class is for you. Find out how you can minimize cooking every night, without compromising good nutrition and tasty meals. In this class you will get experience with some delicious recipes to start stocking up your freezer. We will also discuss how long things can be frozen, an extensive list of the many surprising things you can freeze and how to freeze meals in parts for accessibility. We will demonstrate several freezer stash meals and leave you with a list of additional ideas to enjoy. 

H. Stress Busting Snacks: How to Energize and Refuel

Experiencing a midafternoon energy slump? Often, this is when fatigue and cravings can set in and can leave us unproductive at work. In this class we will discuss all things snacks – sweet snacks, savoury snacks and purchased snacks. A good snack is important for several reasons, it helps us get from one meal to the next, refuels our brain for the tasks at hand and provides satisfaction for a desired need or craving. We will also discuss the benefits of a paired snack. We will demonstrate 3 recipes and you will be provided with a snack list of other easy snack ideas to try.

Meet Shauna Kime

Online Dietitian & Cooking Instructor

Feeling lost in the kitchen? Shauna can help!

You can count on Shauna for high-energy, engaging cooking classes and nutrition education that’s grounded in science and with foods that spark joy for your team.

With over a decade of experience in the kitchen, she’s taught others countless ways to add flavour and fun to cooking to improve health for all ages and dietary needs.

Her step-by-step approach provides others with an easy way to master healthy cooking bringing confidence and creativity into your everyday cooking. 

Help employees find confidence in their kitchen with our workplace virtual cooking classes. Let’s get in touch:

Shauna Kime - Cooking Instructor and Dietitian

Success Stories

“My immediate impression of the cooking class was exactly what we wanted – very practical and easy to implement on our own. No fancy chef knowledge required. The food tasted great! Too often cooking seems complicated so you might decide to order in or make a real basic meal. This cooking was easy, quick, and was delicious. I now have the confidence to prepare simple delicious meals. My instructor was fantastic, very fun, professional, knowledgeable, and easy to follow. I received great value for what I paid for and full-heartedly recommend these cooking classes. My favourite part was tasting the results! Overall I learned how simple and quick it can be to prepare great quality meals.”

– Duane S.

We very much enjoyed the virtual cooking class. Shauna was very organized, but also very relaxed and friendly. I really appreciated that in the time we had her, we managed to make three different vegan recipes. We liked how she explained what she was doing and why (e.g. the importance of pressing tofu thoroughly). Taking this class showed us how delicious and nutritious vegan cooking could be and really motivated us to try other vegan recipes.


– Jacqueline and Ava

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