Food Industry Nutrition Collaboration

Are you a health-focused food industry group, restaurant, or public relations firm? Our Dietitian nutrition consultants can help!

As Dietitian nutrition consultants for the food and grocery industry, we help to elevate the marketing initiatives, strategy, and innovation of healthy brands. We can also help with editorial, video, and media spokesperson contributions.

We’ve worked with thousands of health-conscious consumers and understand the trends, needs and concerns of your target market. We collaborate with your marketing and communications team to improve the impact of your messaging to both consumers and influencers such as Dietitians, mom bloggers and Physicians.

We are a culturally diverse team. We have Registered Dietitians and Online Nutritionists that speak not only English but also Spanish, French and Mandarin. This is also a place where LGBTQIA2S+ and their friends and allies are welcomed and supported. 

Our nutrition consultants partner with you to leverage and amplify your success by:

  1. Enhancing the credibility of your products
  2. Positioning your organization or brand as a reliable source of nutrition information
  3. Increasing brand visibility, product differentiation, and consumer loyalty

Increase your sales, credibility, and healthy brand visibility.

For more information about your project or campaign, contact Principal Dietitian & CEO Andrea Holwegner.

Client list

Wondering who our clients are?

Our Dietitian nutrition consultants have had the pleasure of working with a diverse list of clients from a wide variety of industries.

Who we are

We are established, professional Registered Dietitian nutrition consultants that have worked with a diverse number of individuals, corporate groups, healthy brands and the media since 2000.

  • We work with health conscious consumers every day
  • We understand the buying decisions, questions, and concerns of your target markets
  • We keep up-to-date with the latest nutrition research and trends related to your industry or product
  • We translate the complex science of nutrition and food into simple positive messages and honest storytelling
  • We have extensive media experience in TV, radio and print, and an ongoing growing network of online followers

For more information about your project or campaign and how our nutrition consultants can help, contact Principal Dietitian & CEO Andrea Holwegner.

Meet Andrea Holwegner

Media & nutrition

communications expert

Generate TRUST
Leverate your healthy brand

I’m Andrea Holwegner, I work with marketing teams to innovate, strategize, and leverage healthy brands. How you determine new offerings and campaigns to communicate to influencers, moms, and health conscious consumers is essential for growing a trustworthy brand. I offer a refreshing outside perspective as a mom Dietitian to amplify your key messages and also provide insight into the blindspots you may not have considered.

As a media expert, online course creator and Founder and CEO of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting since year 2000, I know a lot about where people are stuck when it comes to healthy habits as well as the factors influencing their buying decisions. As the Chocolate Loving Nutritionist, I teach people to eat nerdy nutritious foods (but also how to have a life that includes fun foods like chocolate and potato chips).

I love working with forward thinking healthy brands that see the opportunity to create solutions and education initiatives for the growing market of people that want and need to be healthier.

My mission is to globally empower people to have a healthy and joyous relationship with food. If you are looking for a nutrition communications partner with a down-to-earth FUN perspective on wellness, I’m your gal.

Case Studies

Check-out our case studies, showcasing diverse consulting projects that are custom-fit to the unique needs of our clients ranging from healthy brands, government, and publicly traded companies.

What we do

Our Dietitian nutrition consultants can support you in the following ways:

  • Strategy and idea generators for consumer and influencer marketing initiatives
  • Writers for your website, social media, consumer brochures, and health professional letters
  • Media spokespersons for TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers
  • Online influence for social media campaigns and online initiatives
  • Brand/product endorsement
  • Staff training on nutrition and healthy eating
  • Tradeshow and event representation
  • Healthy menu design and computerized recipe analysis
  • Conference keynotes or retreats for your team or special event
    • We offer a wide range of seminars focused on personal health, nutrition, productivity, and stress management for your employees.
    • We also offer an exclusive seminar for the food, grocery, agriculture, and restaurant industry to benefit your brand credibility, visibility, and sales. Check out Marketing to Health Conscious Consumers: The needs and trends of consumers that want to be healthier
    • Read more about our professional speaking services

Media appearances

Watch Andrea’s latest media segments

View our media kit, awards & team bios

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Food Industry Nutrition

success stories

“Since 2012 Registered Dietitian Andrea Holwegner has been a regular contributor on CTV Morning Live. She has informed our viewers on trendy and timely topics from how to lose those last five pounds, to the most asked questions on carbs and sugar. Her segments are not only very informative but her visual displays are top-notch. She is easy to work with, is well prepared and has never been late. I would recommend her for her own TV gig any time!”
Neena Gill, Producer, CTV Morning Live

CTV News, Bell Media

Since 2009 your in-depth knowledge of all the components of the science of nutrition combined with an appreciation for the emotional enjoyment of food has translated into brand-right, executable ideas. We have appreciated being able to rely on your expertise to help us shape our menu offerings in order to best align with consumer needs and trends. When we have had the opportunity to put together a speaking engagement series or educational video series, you have been quick to enhance the ideas and round out the program. You have taken every project to its maximum, and it shows in the results. Thank you for your contribution to our brand and our business; we look forward to a continuing successful relationship.”
Erin Heath, Brand Strategy Manager

Jugo Juice Canada, Division of Mty Tiki Ming Enterprises Inc.

“On behalf of Alberta Health and Wellness I would like to recommend the services of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting. We contracted their services to rewrite five public health nutrition education resources for nutrition and active living for pregnancy and children aged 1-5 and aged 6-12. Their organizational and time management skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to work well with key stakeholders within our health regions contributed to their ability to complete this project and provide us with an exceptional final product. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.”
Patricia Martz, Registered Dietitian & Project Manager

Wellness Branch, Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta

“Andrea Holwegner consistently writes informative, intelligent and relatable columns about diet and nutrition that are relevant for readers of the Calgary Herald. She brings a voice of expertise that is also relatable, reasonable and engaging, and her columns regularly appear among the most read stories on the Herald website.”
Tom Babin, Editor

Calgary Herald Newspaper, Postmedia Network Inc.

“Andrea Holwegner is a leading expert in the field of nutrition. After numerous successful television segments on Global Morning News since year 2012, we asked her to be a regular monthly guest expert. Andrea has continued to bring forward current issues and topics relevant to our viewers. She understands media, comes well prepared, and is both entertaining and energetic. We look forward to continued work with her as a regular guest on our show.”
Angela Kokott, Co-host Global Calgary Morning News

Global News, Corus Entertainment Inc

“Andrea Holwegner has been a welcome addition to the Weekly Check-up feature – in the Health section at CBCNews.ca. Her insightful writing speaks to our audience: she explains the complexities of food and nutrition in a way that anyone can understand. Whether she’s talking about simple steps you can take to avoid packing on calories or offering advice on how to get healthy school lunches into your child, you will learn something that you can apply in your everyday life. Her writing is crisp, concise, to the point – she provides news you can truly use.”
Peter Hadzipetros, Consumer/Health Producer

CBC News Online

“The Registered Dietitians of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting provided outstanding consulting work for a research study and book we are developing. They were able to achieve an extremely tight timeline and strong attention to detail in the menus and recipes they were analyzing and editing for us.  We appreciated the high quality of work and look forward to engaging them further in future consulting projects.”
Pam MacDonald

Penscott Medical Corporation, Danville, California

“Health Stand has been a great asset to our business ensuring that we are providing our customers nutritionally sound meals/meal plans and arming our Fit Kitchen staff with great information that we in turn can pass on to our customers.”
Carissa Laz, Marketing, PR & Events Leader

Fit Kitchen

“We can’t thank you enough for your contributions to our HealthCare Education day, especially on such tight timelines. The amount of work you put into tailoring your message and your presentation to our crowd was very clear. Your presentation was an incredible opportunity for our customers to take something away not only for their professional lives, but for their personal lives as well. Additionally, your energy and ability to relate to the audience was invaluable as a presenter. Your presentation truly transcended age and time, and everybody was able to relate and walk away with something to help them out. Thank you so much for inspiring that in our customers and in us. We hope to have you back again.”
Christopher Sprentz, Marketing Manager



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