Onsite & Online Workplace Dietitian Counseling

Have an in-person or online Dietitian on our team facilitate customized nutrition counselling sessions for your employees at your workplace.

While employees can book appointments on their own time to see a private practice Dietitian in their local area, the engagement is often higher when you bring the services onsite to them at the workplace. Alternatively you can offer virtual nutrition counselling through video or phone.

This is a great follow-up option to compliment a lunch & learn program, health & safety event or existing health benefit program.

We have Registered Dietitians and Online Nutritionists that speak not only English but also, Spanish, French and Mandarin. This is also a place where LGBTQIA2S+ and their friends and allies are welcomed and supported. 

Fuel productivity and a healthier, more vibrant team!


  • Offering onsite  or online Dietitian consultations in the workplace increases access and removes the barrier of hoping employees seek out services on their own time.
  • Everyone’s knowledge, eating patterns and health issues are different. Individual consultations allow for laser-focused, customized education where employees need it most.
  • Health is personal and often employees prefer to discuss private health concerns, medical issues and weight struggles in a confidential one-on-one format.
  • Utilization by senior leadership and executives with very busy schedules is often higher for customized personal nutrition counselling over group learning.
  • Enhance use of health spending accounts and health benefit plans that cover the services of a Registered Dietitian (or offer a company perk and show your employees you are invested in their health by compensating this extra initiative).

How onsite or online Dietitian services work:

  1. Establish need and frequency

Work with us to determine the specific needs and frequency for nutrition counselling based on biometric screening and health risk assessment data (if available), company size as well as job description (amount of stress, productivity, travel, eating out and shift work required).

  1. Determine if company health benefits will be used

Onsite or online Dietitian nutrition counselling can be positioned in one of two ways. Employers have the option of purchasing nutrition counselling in daily increments so that employees do not have to pay out of pocket.

Alternatively if your health benefit program covers some/all of the services of a Registered Dietitian you may want to suggest employees utilize their health benefit or health spending account. In this case employees would pre-pay in advance and submit receipts for reimbursement to the insurance company. This is a win-win for both parties since there is increased utilization of existing benefit plans and employees have the option to take care of their health while at work.

  1. Determine format and duration

Employees sign up in advance for predetermined days the Registered Dietitian(s) will be onsite at your workplace. For onsite Dietitian nutrition counseling at your workplace our Dietitian(s) will come prepared with everything needed (handouts, teaching tools and resources) but we do require a confidential office as well as internet access to bring up relevant teaching tools.

For online Dietitian nutrition counseling we use the paid Zoom Healthcare platform which is seamless, secure and HIPAA and PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant. This video conferencing for telehealth platform allows your employees and remote workers to learn seamlessly from anywhere in the world (even in low-bandwidth environments).



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