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Say goodbye to stiff and boring health and wellness speakers and say hello to approachable, FUN, and actionable sessions!

Motivational keynote speaker and health and wellness presenter Andrea Holwegner offers relevant, engaging events to reduce stress, improve health, and dramatically increase productivity. 

Andrea is one of the only Registered Dietitians in North America that is also a qualified Professional Speaker. You can count on her for high-energy, entertaining keynotes, workshops and virtual speaking engagements that are grounded in credibility and experience.

When you work with Andrea you won’t find any cookie-cutter seminars that fail to provide meaningful information about topics your specific audience needs to know. You also won’t find lifeless lectures, text-heavy ‘death-by-Powerpoint’ presentations, or overly complicated nutrition plans that busy employees or those that struggle with their health will find too hard to implement. Instead, you can count on simplified, down-to-earth ideas that even the most unhealthy employees can implement right away.  

As virtual speaking engagements have become the norm, Andrea’s advanced AV set up with multiple camera angles are known for better engagement, fun and are guaranteed to cut through screen fatigue for virtual attendees. Watch a behind the scenes tour of Andrea’s AV set up here.

Hire Andrea as your next health and wellness, speaker, healthcare presenter or work life balance speaker. She is also a good fit for your event if you are looking for a motivational speaker for women, offsite retreat or a new and refreshing way to approach productivity and mental health.

Meet Andrea Holwegner

Productivity, health and wellness speaker

Generate ENERGY
Fuel top performance for business and life

I’m Andrea Holwegner, I speak internationally to busy employees and leadership teams on how to generate energy to fuel top performance for business and life. Individuals and teams cannot thrive to their fullest potential without personal health and optimized eating habits. The good news is, bite-sized changes have super-sized results.

As a media expert, online course creator and Founder and CEO of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting since year 2000, I know a lot about how to get people unstuck when it comes to their health habits. As the Chocolate Loving Nutritionist, I teach people to eat nerdy nutritious foods (but also how to have a life that includes fun foods like chocolate and potato chips).

I love presenting to audiences with high-stress jobs, super busy schedules and that are off-track with their health. Why? Because I watch them laugh. I watch them nod. I watch the light bulb aha moments from the stage. I also hear from individuals and time-strapped working parents like me each day. They are taking action on my steps to make healthy eating simple, fun, and more effective.

My mission is to globally empower people to have a healthy and joyous relationship with food. If you are looking for a conference caffeinator and a down-to-earth FUN perspective on wellness, I’m your gal.

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Professional Speaker Andrea Holwegner

success stories

“Thanks Andrea for an amazing presentation, I have heard all positive remarks from attendees and the evaluations show the same sentiment. It is really gratifying when a speaker does their “homework” and weaves in our profession’s day to day challenges within their content, you did an awesome job of this! You truly took the “die” out of Dietician! Your information on healthy eating and simplifying how we can work towards this as we are all so busy really hit the mark. Andrea connects very well with her audience; she is energetic, funny, and very approachable.”
Carole Ann LaGrange

Transfusion Medicine Safety Officer

Event Planner for Laboratory Diagnostic Imaging Annual Event

“As a construction company, we select speakers who can relate to our industry and its employees. Andrea’s message was delivered with humor and empathy. She makes people feel as though they can make changes without leaving behind every favorite food. Andrea focused her presentation on healthy eating as a way to keep energy high throughout the day. This message and the way it was delivered resonated with our predominantly male, blue collar culture. I would highly recommend Andrea as a speaker for groups such as ours. She will get your message across without alienating anyone in your audience – which is a huge hurdle when trying to introduce a wellness program in the workplace!”
Stephanie Wood, HR and Safety Manager

Fisher Construction Group, Burlington, WA

“Andrea, I just wanted you to know that your session changed my life.  I never took the time to understand nutrition – I love food, I am not over-weight, so all is cool!  So I thought.  The seminar taught me some very practical things and tips.  But mostly Andrea, it’s the common sense approach and the no “severe” rules approach that you used to deliver the material that made it worthwhile.  I left feeling that I could do something about it and it was not going to be negative (I can still have my two glasses of wine!).  I am now so much more aware of nutrition and its impact on my life. Thanks again.”
Richard Boyer, President & CEO

Gienow Windows & Doors

(Attended 1/2 day workshop for his CEO business group TEC)

“We have worked with Registered Dietitian Andrea Holwegner to organize and facilitated seminars, onsite nutrition counselling, healthy catering menus and a one-of-a-kind monthly nutrition club. We have consistently found Andrea’s expert advice, approachability and sense of humour are very well received by our employees. She is quick to help develop new creative initiatives and go the extra mile to help create value for our corporate wellness program.  Having the same ongoing person supporting our nutrition initiatives has a clear return on investment and has helped drive home a consistent credible message. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea as a speaker for your next event and partner in co-creating nutrition initiatives for your workplace. She can help your employees tackle better productivity, less stress, weight management, heart health and more.”
Jen Huebner, Health & Safety Specialist

Health & Wellness, Chevron Canada Resources

“Andrea Holwegner was a guest speaker at our annual retreat and was great! Addressing a full room of doctors to discuss nutrition is a challenge, I am sure…but Andrea hit the mark by teaching us about the psychology of eating…the why and how it is that we ignore what we know about health…much more useful than a lecture on food. She was fun and engaging and the information she gave us was very, very relevant to all of us. Thank you Andrea!”
Dr. Val Kirk MD FRCPC CCPE, Deputy Head

Department of Paediatrics, University of Calgary

“Andrea is not only a wellness expert but also an engaging speaker that has stirred up positive change in our team. As a group of busy professionals with very demanding jobs, we appreciated Andrea’s practical, not perfect approach. She enthusiastically led our half-day offsite retreat with relevant strategies to improve our nutrition, health and productivity. Each of us took away simple tips that could be implemented right away to help us manage stress and improve how we perform in our professional and personal lives.”
Carrolyn Schmid & Jacky Chan, Senior Advisors

Corporate Controllers Group, Enbridge Inc.

“I am so grateful for the onsite executive coaching of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc. that our company, Walton Global Investments Ltd., decided to provide to the executives. Of course, I have always known that healthy eating is essential for overall long term health, but it has been with your instructions that I have committed myself to proper nutrition – and it’s working! As a result of these sessions, I am more productive, have more energy at work, and have learned not only what to eat, why and when, but also easy strategies to keep it up. My commitment to long term health has never been better or more fun. Thanks for sharing your expertise and putting me on the path to a healthy life.”
Leslie Fryers, Q.C., ICD.D, Executive Vice President, Law

Walton Global Investments Ltd.

“I am a family physician who sees patients with a myriad of eating concerns – from wanting to know how to plan healthy meals for active families, to weight loss, to eating disorders, and so on. I cannot recommend the Health Stand team highly enough. I have worked with (and been to!) other dieticians in the past and too often find that they just ask for food logs and make suggestions that are easily obtained online or in books. The dieticians at Health Stand offer much more than just telling clients what they “should be eating.” In contrast, the team really does more of a counselling practice, and they work hard to help their clients learn more about why their eating habits may be off track and not optimal for them, as well as helping people to effect change at a deep level that, most importantly, is sustainable for lifetime health.”
Dr. Deb Putnam, Family Physician

Nutrition counseling client & referring physician

“Andrea’s presentation was very entertaining, engaging and inspiring. I loved the personal approach. It was good to see the material presented in a manner that could be well received by the audience who for the most part would be unwilling/open to changing their diet for the better.”
Brandon Buchholz, Health Care Aide

Attendee of First Nations and Inuit Health: Health Care Aide Training Day

“Excellent presentation! What a refreshing change to have a speaker inspire rather than “lecture” about nutrition. Your captivating stories, tips and overall approach to healthy eating uplifts and puts people at ease. It was great to hear we don’t need to strive to be perfect eaters, and that small changes really can make a difference in how we feel and in our health. Thanks to Andrea, we have solutions to our everyday nutrition challenges that can actually work in real life!”
Tina Tamagi, Human Resources

ARC Resources Ltd.

“Andrea, your high energy keynote session delivered at our conference was right on target! Your positive contagious energy and humour generated optimism with our group. Your stories and practical tips not only captivated the attention of our group, but inspired us to take charge of our health. We learned that eating well doesn’t have to be difficult, and that small changes can really make a difference in how we feel at work every day. Your fresh approach to healthy eating and philosophy that all foods can fit really allowed you to connect with the audience. We look forward to having you speak to our group again. Thanks!”
Debra Watt, Manager, Court Services

Alberta Justice

“We have continued to bring Andrea back multiple times as a speaker for our organization because her message clearly hits home with our employees.  She has a unique ability to bring fun, relevant and realistic solutions to help our employees live healthier despite demanding work schedules.  When employees are healthier, our company benefits with an improved bottom line.  When you need a motivational speaker that will deliver education mixed with a sense of humour in the topic areas of health, wellness and productivity, Andrea will deliver”.
Stephanie Stillinger, Manager, Human Resources, Disability Management & Wellness

Newalta Corporate Office

Productivity, Health and Wellness Programs


Entertain, inspire and encourage a shift in thinking. Keynotes are 45-90 minutes in length and are delivered to larger groups to commence or conclude conventions or annual events. See below for a list of Andrea’s keynote topics.

Workshops, Breakout Sessions, Retreats

Fun, interactive sessions for practical skills and more detailed action plans. Workshops and breakout sessions typically range from 45-90 minutes or Andrea can facilitate half-day workshops or full-day retreats. See below for a list of her topics.

Virtual Nutrition Speaking Engagements

Engaging, interactive online education and food demos for organizations with multiple locations, shift workers and remote workers. Sessions are typically 30-90 minutes.  Watch a behind the scenes look at Andrea’s advanced AV set up for maximizing entertainment here. See below for a list of Andrea’s topics.

Session Topics

As a professional productivity, nutrition, health and wellness speaker, Andrea is committed to customizing the most relevant session for your audience. She believes each audience member should walk away with not only being entertained but also with concrete ideas they can immediately implement for better health, mental health, and energy. 

Below is a list of her most popular sessions. Note that Andrea can tailor a session to suit the event theme or your goals by mixing and matching some of the key messages from several sessions.

Leveraging Nutrition for Productivity & Stress Relief
How to fuel top performance for business & life


Key benefit: Improve productivity, mental health and health for both office, on-the-go or ‘work-from-home’ employees in high-stress jobs susceptible to burnout or strained work-life balance.

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Eating well sounds simple but with the busyness of life and work-from-home juggle, it can be challenging to take care of our personal wellness.  When eating isn’t optimized we can struggle with our health, mental health, stamina and productivity.  The good news is that simple changes to what you eat have a powerful and immediate connection in how you feel every day.  You don’t have to eat perfectly (after all Andrea is the Chocoholic NutritionistTM).  She wants you to eat well but still have a life.  She will encourage you to get enough nerdy nutritious foods but also ensure you save room for your favorite soulful foods (like potato chips and chocolate) chosen for taste and enjoyment.

In this engaging virtual session you will explore 5 fired-up fueling strategies to keep you fueled for optimal performance for both work and your personal life.  You’ll explore the “what, when, why and how” of eating well to elevate productivity and reduce stress.  Take home relevant content for insanely busy people in this action packed session with detailed supporting handouts.   You will also enjoy the “show and tell” nature of this session with a food demonstration live from Andrea’s kitchen.  Andrea’s advanced AV set up with multiple camera angles are known for better engagement, fun and are guaranteed to cut through screen fatigue for virtual events for attendees.

Energized! Healthy Productive Energy
How busy people use nutrition to starve stress & percolate productivity. 


Key benefit: Improve productivity and mental health in those in high-stress jobs that are susceptible to burnout or strained work-life balance.

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We all want to be healthy, productive, and manage stress effectively. At the same time we are juggling more responsibilities than ever before. The good news is there are simple solutions to boost mental health and manage productivity through your workday so that your family-life and hobbies get the best of you.

Pump-up your productivity, resiliency, and ability to manage stress with this high-energy, humorous session.

Andrea will inspire you with easy steps to take charge of your everyday eating habits that even the busiest and most skeptical person can do.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Bite-sized Changes for Supersized Results
Achieve health without guilt or complexity with imperfect nutrition


Key benefit: Improve overall health and wellness for busy people in energy demanding jobs that are at risk for weight concerns, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, and more.

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Food and eating is much like life; when you are having fun, you will be successful. You don’t need complicated plans and a huge amount of time or resources. You also don’t need to sacrifice your favorites to improve your wellness.

Feel better every day with bite-sized changes to your nutrition in this fun-filled energetic session that won’t expect you to be perfect. Andrea will inspire you with the most important changes you can make to what or how you are eating for better energy, health, and achieving your personal best weight.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Less Stress & Stealth Health
Easy strategies when eating well feels too darn hard


Key benefit: Inspire audiences that may be disengaged with their health and wellness, or that have a large number of males in attendance with health and safety concerns at work.

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​Eating well isn’t always easy. Most would say that potato chips, chocolate, or burgers are far better than broccoli or fruit salad. Stressful work days, long shifts, and family commitments add to the time and energy challenge. Toss in work travel or shift work and it can be even harder to eat well.

The good news is you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to achieve good health. As the Chocoholic NutritionistTM , Andrea is known for her down-to-earth approachability and balanced message about how to eat well and still have a life.

As a die-hard chocoholic married to a chipaholic-meatarian, she will inspire even the biggest nutrition naysayer to take action for improving their health at home, as well as their productivity and safety on the job.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Workplace Nutrition Initiatives
Boost employee health, mental health & productivity


Key benefit: Address the costs of mental health, chronic disease, and disability for workplace health and wellness (exclusively for HR professionals, health & safety managers, insurance companies, EFAP providers, or anyone who works in digital health, employee wellness, and group benefits).

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Nutrition is one of the most important yet neglected components of health and safety initiatives and workplace wellness programs. This session will boost your knowledge on opportunities to enhance employee health, wellness, and productivity.

Nutrition plays an important role in preventing and reducing costs associated with obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, stress, burnout, and more. Find out how to maximize your offerings to reduce medication costs, disability, sick leaves, lost productivity, and unfavourable results in health risk assessments and biometric screening.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Marketing to Health Conscious Consumers

The needs and trends of consumers that want to be healthier


Key benefit: Exclusively for the food, grocer, agriculture and restaurant industry that needs to understand the latest health and nutrition trends to enhance their credibility and sales.

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How well do you understand the needs, buying decisions, and questions of health conscious consumers and those with medical issues? Are you coming up with ideas that will satisfy a hungry market that is starving for better solutions to their needs? Do you know what key opinion leaders that educate the public about health and wellness say about your offerings and marketing material?

Learn how to create choices, partnerships, and credible education for health conscious consumers. When you provide options that not only taste good but are also healthy, you will create a new following of loyal fans and profitability.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Shift Work Survival

Energy to thrive for energy demanding jobs


Key benefit: Improve productivity and safety in high-risk or energy-demanding shift work jobs that are susceptible to stress and burnout.

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Healthy eating can be a challenge for anyone but shift workers have added pressures that make preparing and selecting nutritious choices even harder. Shift workers with poorly planned food choices can struggle with exhaustion, safety concerns, health issues, and weight concerns.

This session dives into the most important healthy eating strategies essential to fuel day and night shifts to help you manage your energy and improve your effectiveness both on the job and at home in your personal life.

The good news is, you don’t have to become a nutrition guru or spend hours meal planning to achieve good health and productivity. Andrea will show you a simple formula for eating to deliver optimal fuel for shift work.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Power Nutrition for Women

Look & feel your best!


Key benefit: Improve women’s health, energy and meal planning success. Move towards a personal best weight (still eating the foods you love.

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Women are keenly interested in how to eat well and have a life while juggling competing priorities for work and family. As women’s hormones and bodies change they will often experience mood swings, cravings, and challenges with emotional eating. In order to be successful women need practical, real-world solutions for a balanced lifestyle.

Achieving good health doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your favorites, spending hours cooking, or studying complicated nutrition books. Learn healthy quick ideas to promote optimal energy levels, move towards your personal best weight, and feel your best.

Explore the most important nutrition issues concerning women and strategies to improve your health as well as the health of your whole family. Get inspired to live fully (both healthfully and soulfully) and improve your relationship with food and your body to live a more satisfying life.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Show Me the Weigh!

Move towards your personal best weight (still eating the foods you love)


Key benefit: Understand the science of achieving a personal best weight and improve health, wellness, and confidence through a non-dieting approach to eating.

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If you’ve struggled with your weight, you know how challenging it can be to follow a restrictive (and annoying) diet. As the Chocoholic NutritionistTM, I don’t eat perfectly myself and I certainly don’t want to see anyone locked in diet prison or carry food guilt about imperfect choices.

See through nutrition quackery and popular fad diets by learning the science of how to achieve your personal best weight. Your personal best is achieved when you are eating healthfully, have a reasonable amount of physical activity, with still enough fun and flexibility to live a good life. Yes, this means eating nerdy nutritious foods, but this also means allowing for soulful foods chosen exclusively for taste and social enjoyment (like chips or chocolate).

Get answers to common questions about calories, carbs, protein, fats, and more. Discover the top weight management tips that can help you manage physical hunger, cravings for sweet and savoury food, and emotional eating.

Love ALL food and get inspired through a non-dieting approach you can live with for life.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Meal Planning for Super Busy People

Meal prep, shopping, and time saving techniques for health in a hurry


Key benefit: Improve practical skills in healthy meal planning, speedy shopping, and simplified cooking to reduce stress and improve health.

Read more

Are you finding meal planning a drag? Do you often come home hangry at the end of the work day not knowing what to eat? Are you bored of your same-old food routine?

Find joy in the kitchen. There is a way to make meal planning easier. This can go a long way to improve your overall health, productivity, and achievement of your personal best weight. If you are time crunched and looking for quick meal ideas then this content rich session will inspire more fun and help you move forward with a personalized system for meal planning.

Learn about quick and healthy breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack ideas for a busy schedule that you and the whole family will enjoy. Review savvy grocery shopping and time saving techniques that even the busiest person can manage.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Eat Out Without a Doubt

Healthy choices on the go


Key benefit: Improve practical skills in eating out healthy to improve health and wellness.

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Eating out many of your meals? Often travelling? Running behind?

Making healthy food choices when you are grabbing food on the go, eating at airports or hotels can be a challenge. The good news is you don’t have to be perfect! Learning to balance healthy choices in restaurants, fast-food outlets, and for take-out cuisine can improve your health, energy, and your ability to manage a healthy weight.

This session focuses on increasing your awareness of the restaurant environment, including nutrition issues, portion distortion, and cost saving measures that don’t have your health at heart. We will also do a deep dive into a bank of ideas on quick and healthy breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack ideas specific to your schedule and eating environment.

Find out how to balance your favorite fun foods while eating on the go and still achieve good health.

Interested in the full description of this session?


Heart Health Nutrition

Lighthearted strategies for your heart


Key benefit: Improve cardiovascular health, reduce utilization of high blood pressure and high cholesterol medication, and lower disability costs for cardiovascular medical leaves.

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Do you have a personal or family history of heart attack, stroke, high blood cholesterol, or high blood pressure? This session is for you! Understand nutrition for a healthy heart and strategies for lowering high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol levels.

Find out which foods promote heart health and how you can reduce your risk of heart disease. Explore the good, the bad, and the ugly about dietary fats and the role of sodium, antioxidants, fibre, and other key nutrients in your overall heart health.

Understand how small changes can make a huge difference to your cardiovascular health (without giving up your favorite fun foods!).

Interested in the full description of these sessions?

What is Andrea best known for?

Effortless to work with

Event planners and speaker bureaus love working with Andrea given her exceptional, well-organized pre and post event checklist and homework she completes to customize programs to WOW an audience.


As the Chocolate Loving Nutritionist, Andrea is known for her refreshing approachability, humor, and down-to-earth message about how to eat well and still have a life. She is a busy working mom, married to a chip loving meatatarian, and is personally a die-hard chocolate enthusiast. 


She has the ability to translate the complex science of medicine, nutrition, and health into easy to understand, relevant strategies that even ‘nutrition naysayers’ or those with the most stressful busy schedules can use. 


Andrea is a university-trained Registered Dietitian and founder and CEO of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc. since 2000. She has counseled Team Canada Olympians, and is an author and facilitator of a global online nutrition course The Pursuit of HealthinessTM



She is the recipient of the Dietitians of Canada award: The Speaking of Food & Healthy Living Award for Excellence in Consumer Education. She also has an award-winning blog and popular online newsletter enjoyed by thousands every week.



Outside of speaking engagements, Andrea has consulted on corporate health for companies such as Imperial Oil and Chevron and marketing strategy for national brands such as Jugo Juice, Buy-Low Foods/Associated Grocers, and Brightpath Early Learning Inc.



Andrea has been an on-air expert for Global Calgary Morning News, Breakfast Television, CTV Morning News, QR77 Radio, and CBC News. She has written for the Calgary Herald newspaper and has been interviewed by CBC Radio in almost every province in Canada.

When should Andrea

be suggested for an event?

When you or your client:

  • Experience heavy work demands and high stress, and need time-sensitive strategies you can implement right away to help boost personal energy and resiliency.
  • Struggle with health and wellness concerns that are resulting in higher health benefit costs, more absenteeism, and lost productivity.
  • Are looking for a new, more specific session related to health, wellness, mental health, job safety, work-life balance, stress management, productivity, and personal development 
  • Desire an approachable, balanced, and non-extreme perspective on wellness with an understanding of the complexities of juggling a busy schedule.
  • Want a high-energy, fun health and wellness speaker that can connect with both those engaged in a healthy lifestyle but also those that have unhealthy habits, and are a skeptical nutrition naysayer.

Don’t hire a boring health and wellness speaker, make your programs relevant and FUN!

Client list

Wondering who our clients are?

We have had the pleasure of working with a diverse list of clients from a wide variety of industries.

Resources when you have booked Andrea

Get all the details and downloads (introduction, photos, logos, AV requirements) once you have booked Andrea for a speaking engagement. 

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