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“I am a psychologist in private practice and it is very important to me that my clients have the best care with other health care professionals. For that reason Health Stand Nutrition is my only source for exceptional Dietitians. Andrea and her team provide highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and real world support to my clients who require assistance with food lifestyle. I trust my clients to them and you would be in excellent hands making them part of your health care team.

Adele Fox, Psychologist

Success stories from our Dietitian team at Health Stand Nutrition

“When I first came to see my Dietitian, I was stuck inside my head and definitely feeling a post binge hangover. This was not an unusual feeling. The box inside my mind had some pretty stringent rules and a vision of the perfect me. It was a roller coaster ride of high’s and low’s. Eating “clean”, obsessing over ingredients to “slipping up” and demolishing whatever was in the pantry. My life depended on a good eating day or bad eating day. Throughout our sessions, my Dietitian helped me navigate through the voices to a place of self-compassion. A truly soulful way of not only eating but living. Today I have invaluable tools that will be there for the rest of my life.”

Sam K.


“My Dietitian did a great job of understanding the way I work and providing insightful comments for ways of rethinking food, preparation and planning. She was a great listener and extremely easy to open up to (very approachable). I really enjoyed how we managed to change habits, set a strong baseline with good food preparation and planning, and providing a different perspective on nutrition seemingly without trying. I now feel I have a great system in place that I can build from. I think I came in expecting to be told that in order to get to my goals, I should do x, y and z – and follow a, b and c meal plans or e.g. don’t eat after 9pm / stop eating bread etc. i.e. a more prescriptive approach. Instead what we did was to look at my relationship with food, using the way I think, and a few simple mindset changes – a hugely more effective process.” 

David Pickup


“Juno House is a specialist therapy center, specializing in working with Adolescent girls and young women with anxiety-based issues, which include: eating disorders, self-harm, depression, and obsessive-compulsive behaviours.

We partner with the dieticians at Health Stand Nutrition for all of our Eating Disorder client families.  Jana Spindler and Britney Lentz have gone above and beyond the regular training as dieticians to immerse themselves in the emotional world of eating disorders.  They are both trained in Emotional Focussed Family Therapy and use it extensively in their work with our families. Jana has taken the step of completing her Masters in Counselling to add an even deeper level to her work with girls and parents with an Eating Disorder in the family.

The Caregivers United group program will be invaluable for parents who are navigating an eating disorder with their child.  You will learn,  and be challenged to question what you might have understood about eating disorders, and you will be given tools to lean into the emotional world of your child to help them step out of the world of eating disorders.”

Lois Sapsford, MSW, RCSW, | Director at Juno House


    “I came some time ago for a few nutrition counseling sessions as my blood sugar was a bit high.  I am happy to report that my blood sugar is back to normal as I have made big changes in my choices and portion sizes.  I have lost about 20 lbs. in less than a year and while I still have a ways to go, I am doing well.  Thanks for all of your help!!  I’ll apprise if I think I need any “tune up” sessions with you down the road.”

    Denis Gagne


    “This is the first time I feel satisfied; my cravings have diminished dramatically, and I have a whole new relationship with food. I am eating guilt-free for the first time in my life. My energy has also dramatically increased and I feel great!”

    Rhonda Jenkins


    “The Dieticians at Health Stand Nutrition help you to take action on the science behind eating well by making it practical, understandable, and fun. Their office is cozy and not at all clinical or intimidating. I felt like I was sitting down with a really smart, caring friend who wanted to help me make the best choices for my lifestyle and food preferences. Andrea and her team really are the best in the business.”

    Marty Avery


    “I didn’t realize how strong my “diet mentality” was, and all the rules I had in my head about food. I was in a cycle of reward/punish/binge/cringe. I booked with your business very reluctantly, on the repeated advice of my doctor, to get my slowly rising cholesterol levels in check. I thought I knew everything about food, and my behaviour with food, but I was definitely re-schooled. My weight is creeping down, I feel good about my diet, exercise, body image, and lifestyle.”

    Amy Floyd


    “I am a family physician who sees patients with a myriad of eating concerns – from wanting to know how to plan healthy meals for active families, to weight loss, to eating disorders, and so on. I cannot recommend the Health Stand team highly enough. I have worked with (and been to!) other Dieticians in the past and too often find that they just ask for food logs and make suggestions that are easily obtained online or in books. The Dieticians at Health Stand offer much more than just telling clients what they “should be eating.” In contrast, the team really does more of a counselling practice, and they work hard to help their clients learn more about why their eating habits may be off track and not optimal for them, as well as helping people to effect change at a deep level that, most importantly, is sustainable for lifetime health.”

    Dr. Deb Putnam, Family Physician


    “I found my Dietitian warm, funny, and skilled at teaching nutrition concepts without the overwhelm. The general approach of each session was to mix science with emotion, which was exceedingly effective in helping me shift my perspective on food from one of anxiety to one of joy and curiosity.”

    Erin Kronstedt


    “I just went through my annual check up and my cholesterol levels couldn’t be any better (both LDL and HDL). Diet, exercise, and above all, fiber intake did the trick for me. Thank you so much!”

    Ray Wah


    “I wish more Dieticians understood the complexity of people’s relationship to food like you all do! My Dietitian was incredibly responsive and felt more like a food therapist than a Dietician, which is exactly what I needed. My Dietitian pointed out food rules that I had disguised very well to myself as a preference such as not “liking” certain foods that I associated with weight gain. I learned that literally none of the food rules I had created for myself were based in any sort of legitimate science about food, but were all part of my anxiety around food and eating and unsuccessful attempts to control my body. My Dietitian understood right away that this was not about healthy eating for me or about issues with digestion (this is what I initially told her I needed help with). I am very well versed in “healthy” foods and “eating clean”… this was about seeing food as just food and my body as just a body, and taking away the power of both to influence how I feel about myself, something that was a daily (hourly) struggle for me for many years. With my Dietitians support, I came to understand that my digestive issues are a direct result of the anxiety I felt when I ate – I was ruminating about what I should and shouldn’t eat so much and feeling guilty if I ate too much or the “wrong” thing that I made myself physically unwell. I learned so much it is difficult to capture it all succinctly! It was all so helpful.”

    Alix Gordon-Moran


    “I’ve never been to a dietician before. What I received was far more advice and knowledge that I had initially expected. My Dietitian is extremely knowledgeable, excellent at communicating, and just plain fun to talk to. I’ve learned so much in just three appointments. I can actually feel the differences in my body after making the changes recommended to me. I’m far more aware of how to read my body’s reactions to certain foods. I have learned how to put together healthy delicious meals that aren’t repetitive. I don’t have to deprive myself of anything nor do I coerce myself into eating things I dislike. I’d rate this 6 stars instead of 5 stars on google reviews as my expectations were far over achieved! Thank you!”

    Andre Perras


    “I cook mostly whole foods and I watch very closely what I eat.  The problem was that there are things that I cannot have control over, such as social events, parties etc. I would often pre-eat, so I could skip the food being served, or I would opt to not eat at all, but then I would arrive home starving. And yet, with such a restricted, health focused diet, I could not seem to lose “the last 15 pounds”, something that I have struggled with my entire life. I measured my food, kept a food diary, weighed myself daily and every time I ate something it would affect my mood and I would then focus on exercise to mitigate the impact of the food I ate. I thought I was doing it right, yet all I thought about every day was food and the stress of uncontrollable situations became too much for me. That is when I reached out for help. I was very lucky to find Health Stand Nutrition – my Dietitian is absolutely awesome. I wasn’t sure what a Registered Dietician would do, but I figured they would simply help me figure out portion sizes and types based on my activities and perhaps they would identify how many times per week I could “food splurge” and still maintain or lose weight… and I’d be on my way. Instead, my Dietitian helped me realize that I had some (my husband would likely say many) obsessive ways, and bottom line: I was a dieter; even though I did not realize it. We talked about an approach called Intuitive Eating. This was a methodology where I would need to “lose the rules”; I could no longer write down my meals, count carbs or list portion size, or weigh myself. It seemed daunting at first but with my Dietitians support and guidance, it was manageable.  My Dietitian taught me how to eat intuitively. She promised that if I was open to this approach I could be free of my obsession with food and that one day I would eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. She created a world where no food was off limits. She provided me with resources, assistance and support to help to learn to listen to my body. I really had no idea how my old ways were impacting my life; I had created a world that revolved around food and I felt like I was in prison. I dreaded meals at other people’s homes and meals out to restaurants, where food that I had always deemed off limits was served. So the concept of Intuitive Eating seemed scary. If I allowed myself all these thing I have worked so hard to eliminate I feared that I would binge. But I don’t binge. It surprised me. I learned to savour food and if I don’t love the first bite, I don’t have a second. No foods are off limits and I actually realized that I don’t love all sweets and dessert, I now only eat it if it will satisfy me. I have increased energy, less mood swings, my clothes still fit and are even getting looser (but this isn’t even important anymore) and in fact my overall stress level has been reduced. I let go of the control and others can cook dinner in our house and I am ok with it. I can go to client lunches and industry events without fear of what they are serving. And the surprise is that I eat less overall and I am not hungry. There are easy days and there are a few hard days. But even a hard day Intuitive Eating is easier than a hard day dieting… because it’s ok to eat on the run, have full fat cheesecake or drink that glass of wine. No more unsatisfying “diet” substitutes. No longer depriving myself of food I like. All of this means I have less cravings and I eat less because I know I can have it again. I know that not eating “perfectly”  is perfect and food will no longer impact my mood or affect my end goal, which is to be healthy. A huge weight has been lifted and I am so much happier. I can honestly say I will never diet again- what a freeing statement! I really can’t say enough amazing things about my Dietitian and what she did for me and for my family who have also benefited from the Intuitive Eating approach taught by Health Stand Nutrition.”

    Jennifer Desilets


    “Health Stand Nutrition helped me change my fundamental approach to food. My Dietitian was warm, empathetic, and very knowledgeable. She taught me how to eat consciously, and without guilt. This was incredibly helpful because I had never thought in that way before. I learned sustainable strategies for shopping, cooking, and eating that I have incorporated into my life. It was definitely money well spent for me. The coaching was inspiring, action-oriented, and non-judgmental, and it made a sustained impact on me, even years later.”

    Bruce Sellery, Business Journalist, Television News Anchor and Personal Finance Coach 


    “Prior to visiting my Dietitian, I had adopted an extremely low carb diet in order to lose 50 lbs, and while that diet worked for me I knew that a low carb diet was unsustainable.  So I wanted to get advice on a balanced diet that would give me the nutrition I needed without putting the weight back on.  Although I am fairly savvy when it comes to diet and nutrition, I found my Dietitian to be extremely supportive, motivational, and knowledgeable.  The 3 sessions were very worthwhile and I still refer to them on a regular basis.  The fact is that 7 months after losing all that weight I have only put on 5 lbs, thanks to a sensible balanced diet and the motivation that my Dietitian instilled in me. I also had BPH (prostate enlargement).  My Dietitian did some research for me on what foods to take, and what to avoid.  7 months later, the BPH is totally gone, which just shows that many ailments can be treated by diet. Whether you are looking to lose weight, keep the weight off, or get your health sorted, you will find a friend in Health Stand Nutrition.”



    “Our stable family home was rocked to the core when our daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder. How could something like this happen to our joyful, funny, generous girl? Feelings of terror and helplessness washed over us daily. Grappling with the enormity of our daughter’s struggles and how we could help her was daunting. A friend had recommended Health Stand to us as they had helped her when she struggled with an eating disorder. Our Dietitian immediately made a connection with our daughter. Her kind and understanding way instantly built trust in all of us. Our Dietitian instinctively knew how to encourage our daughter, asking meaningful questions and providing helpful ideas on navigating the day-to-day struggles of simply eating. With our Dietitian’s support, we could see a path out of disordered eating. Her guidance gave us, as parents, a role in how we could effectively help our daughter. With her encouragement, we were empowered and no longer felt helpless and alone. Thanks to our Dietitian’s help, our daughter made excellent gains back to health. As she recovered weight, she was determined to put disordered eating behind her and seek therapy to address the root of her mental health issues. Our daughter fought hard in her recovery, and we credit a large part of that to our Dietitian. She inspired a will to get better in our daughter, and for that, we will always be grateful. Now our daughter is in her first year of university at the University of Victoria. She is a typical first-year university student navigating her way through the ups and downs of school. The food menu in residence is interesting, but our daughter consistently finds food she likes and navigates the menu with no issues. Although living through an eating disorder was hell, we would say that it made our daughter reflect on her challenges and helped her see that life can be difficult, but with honesty and the help of others, she can get through it ok.”

    Sam B.



    “I came to Health Stand Nutrition at the advice of my psychologist. I was diagnosed with anxiety and tried many different avenues to get my mental health better, but nothing was working. I was malnourished and had been my entire life (age 37). My Dietitian took the time to explain things to me and help me understand just how important food is. Not only for nourishment, but how important it is to enjoy (and how fun and creative food can be). She understood all my concerns, she was very easy to talk to, and provided so many helpful tips. My mental health has done a complete 180 and I honestly can’t believe how much better I am feeling, simply because of proper nutrition and eating habits.”

    Lee-Ann Wells


    “I am so grateful for the onsite executive coaching of Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc. that our company, Walton Global Investments Ltd., decided to provide to the executives. Of course, I have always known that healthy eating is essential for overall long term health, but it has been with your instructions that I have committed myself to proper nutrition – and it’s working! As a result of these sessions, I am more productive, have more energy at work, and have learned not only what to eat, why and when, but also easy strategies to keep it up. My commitment to long term health has never been better or more fun. Thanks for sharing your expertise and putting me on the path to a healthy life.”

    Leslie Fryers, Q.C., ICD.D, Executive Vice President Law, Walton Global Investments Ltd.


    “Working with Health Stand Nutrition has been amazing! Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and provides advice based on “wants” and not just “needs”. I highly recommend Health Stand Nutrition to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing lifestyle.”

    David Hensch


    “By giving me a safe place to talk and examine what was or was not working in my life I came to see the opportunity to reduce controllable stress producing behavior which was impacting my body. Generally, I was amazed at the poise and understanding that my Dietitian provided in my sessions. She was empathetic and supportive of positive changes that I made, and understanding of those I didn’t make.”

    Beatrice Wilhelm


    “I love food. It stimulates each of the senses, keeps us energized toward our goals, yet, I’ve had a rollercoaster relationship with food that was largely based on fear and avoidance. That was until I received some spot-on nutrition education from a Registered Dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition. Working with my Dietitian to address a long-winded battle with anorexia nervosa has been inspiring and empowering. From a restrictive and rule-ridden approach to eating, I’ve developed a healthy and sustainable approach to meals and snacks that supports my goals to travel in the future. I peeled off labels that I thought would never unstick and allowed myself to explore economic, time-saving, and delicious recipes that work for me. If something didn’t’ work, there was space to learn from it, and continuous email feedback helped me stay accountable. I feel grateful for this ongoing support and keen to take on new challenges in my life. The program allowed me to take challenges at my own pace with the guidance of understanding and down to earth professional support.”



    “I’ve worked with the Health Stand Nutrition team for several years. I’m continuously impressed by the team’s knowledge of health and nutrition and their use of practical strategies to educate and help people live a healthier life. I deeply admire their dedication and commitment to helping individuals with serious health issues who need 1:1 support to make changes. I confidently recommend the services and knowledge of the Health Stand Nutrition team to help both individuals and organizations achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.”

    Catherine Russell


    “My Dietitian has been such a positive influence in my eating disorder recovery. I have been able to incorporate grains, soulful foods (like ice cream) and enjoy a glass of wine once in a while. I am able to not go overboard and really tune in to my feelings and check in with myself. I’m setting boundaries for myself and trying to handle those situations by laughing and I find having a better diet is helping me be happier and have more energy and a clear mind. My Dietitian is so genuine, realistic, helpful and honest. I appreciate that she is so down to earth and really just amazing on how supportive and flexible she has been to my needs.”



    “We went to see a Sports Nutritionist at Health Stand Nutrition to find out how to deal with the near fainting spells my teenage daughter was experiencing during exercise. My daughter learned to take control of her own nutrition needs. As she is very athletic and active she needed to learn to combine enough nutrition and sustenance for her snacks before, during and after sports. Our Nutritionist really engaged my daughter, asked her questions, gave her the information and put her in charge of helping with food preparation, being responsible for making sure the correct ingredients are purchased on time and getting her to self-monitor how she feels each time she makes a change to her diet. I thought that was a wonderful approach, it helped us out a lot and it totally inspired my daughter to live a healthy life style and work towards fitness goals. Thank you very much!”

    Monika Salkauska


    “I spent three hours with my Dietitian when first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I learned more from her about food in those 3 hours than I had learned in all the years of my life. I love the newsletter, there is always something to learn.”

    Peter Whitehead


    “It was nice to meet with someone that has knowledge about Diabetes and Celiac Disease. What my Dietitian did for me was bring some products to my attention and get me motivated again to make the changes I need to make so that I can feel better again. I enjoyed my sessions with my Dietitian a lot and really appreciate the knowledge she has and the help she gave me to look at things in a more healthy way. She also made me realize that meals don’t need to be complicated and difficult, it really can be fast and easy. Thanks so much for her help.”

    Lorie H.


    “I was on your webinar with you several months ago. If anything you’ve given me at least a mindset I can follow. It’s nice to hear that I don’t have to give everything up, and since then I’ve been trying harder than I’ve ever had, and I still have things when I want them, but I don’t do the whole cheat day thing, I think that throws a lot of people off. I’d rather just have a bit of something when I want it. I just hit 40 lbs gone, and am looking forward to the next 40. I’m still not perfect in how I eat, and I don’t think I can be, but what I’m doing seems to be working. And I still get my chocolate too…lol…I just try to have it a little at a time. Thanks for changing my mind.”

    Read Glenn’s full story here
    Glenn DuHart


    “My Dietititan is amazing at her job and she truly cares about her clients. When I was doing terribly with my eating disorder and pregnant, she cared enough to follow up with my doctor. I don’t know what things would be like today if she hadn’t done that but I can’t thank her enough! She has helped me so much in developing habits and routines that help me to stay on track with my eating disorder recovery and stay motivated. She was also helpful in communicating with my husband the habits and routines that are helpful in order to stay on the path to recovery. She is easy to be open and honest with. Non-judgmental but also challenges me with eating disorder behaviours and beliefs that I hold on to.”

    Lindsay F.


    “I reached out after noticing how good my co-worker was looking and she told me about Health Stand Nutrition. I had quit smoking about 8 months prior and was noticing the scale going up and up. I was exercising and staying active and tracking calories, but the more I was keeping track of calories the more frustrated I became and more often than not I was over my daily limit and then would get upset…pig-out and double my daily limit. My Dietitian told me was quit counting calories and if you want a brownie, have the brownie (just be conscious about your decision). I always looked forward to our next sessions as we followed up on previous personal goals and set new ones. She offered advice, recipes, tips and tricks and every time I saw her was another “aha” moment that freed me more. Today, I am conscious about what I eat and drink, I eat balanced meals and never deprive myself. I feel great, I have more energy, and feel stronger. Oh and guess what….the scale has stopped going up. I highly recommend Health Stand for everyone! Even if you think you know it all…I can promise you, you don’t. I would like to send a huge thank you, I’ve never felt better!”

    Josie Ballard


    “My Dietitian was outstanding for her supportive guidance. At first it all seemed too easy – I could eat anything I want as long as I am responsible? Crazy. It took me a while to trust her ideas until I realized that ultimately it was up to me to get healthy – with her expert guidance. I now focus on enjoying tasty healthy food, committing to exercise, and not focusing on the scale. And the results? Never felt better, eat much more interesting and tasty food (thanks Mediterranean diet) and people tell me it looks like I have lost weight. Feels like it but I’m not checking. Don’t need to. Just loving this healthy feeling.”

    Dennis Garnham, Artistic Director, The Grand Theatre


    “Health Stand Nutrition counselled my whole family a couple years ago, and we still follow the easy 1-2-3 guidelines to eating healthy. They make eating healthy easy, and understands how to be realistic, practical and forgiving of not being perfect!”

    Jacqueline Drew, CEO Tenato Strategy Inc.


    “After being on a restrictive diet, I started to binge eat frequently and struggled to get back on track. My Dietitian was very kind, helpful and created a safe environment for me to share. She explained the science behind it and helped me get to intuitive eating. My weight fluctuated 20 lbs over a year, and for the past year and a half it has remained the same. Having worked on this, I have been doing great at my career and feel more wholesome and happy! I highly recommend Health Stand Nutrition for help.”



    “My Dietitian is so non-judgemental and great at listening. She works hard to teach me things and think outside the box in terms of ongoing challenges in negative situations related to my eating disorder recovery. I am always super motivated after my appointments. I am making really positive changes in my lifestyle that are making a big difference.”

    Rachel K.


    “Andrea has a longstanding, solid reputation with colleagues and clients because of her creative, compassionate, “let’s do it” approach to life and work. Her information is credible, evidence-based and better yet, presented in a way that sticks. I’ve referred clients to her practice for over ten years, knowing their personal struggles and questions will be greeted with zero judgement. Rather, Andrea understands that everyone’s relationship with food can sometimes be distressing or frustrating, and she welcomes a chance to explore solutions that are practical and joyful.”

    Dr. Colleen Cannon, Clinical Psychologist, Co-founder Craving Change Inc.


    “I now understand the requirements my body needs for my athletic goals / lifestyle and understand how to achieve these requirements.”

    John B.


    “I’m happy to report that I bought new pants that were 4 pants sizes smaller. I still wear my belt, but more for looks, as much as it is to hold up my pants. I wanted to thank you for the things that you taught me, I’ve implemented many things on a daily basis and continue to do them.”

    Jane Weston


    “My Dietitian was supportive and comforting, funny and knowledgeable. Throughout our assessment, we discussed portion sizes, what constitutes a healthy meal and snack, caloric intake and energy levels. She gave me tips about integrating regular snacks into my meal plan and a slick tracking tool to record them as well as to manage changes I am making to my diet. I felt we were in partnership regarding my health and wellness and we came up with a plan which is reasonable, sustainable and tailor-made for me. If you are looking for a Registered Dietician to help move you forward on your path to wellness, I would highly recommend Health Stand Nutrition.”

    Colleen Biondi


    “I went to Health Stand Nutrition for help to gain weight. I ate meals but could not gain weight. My Dietitian listened to my concerns and understood my problem. She made me feel at ease and I felt that she was interested in my concerns and could help me. She gave me a meal planning package to help build balanced meals and healthy snacks. She wrote out suggestions so I had notes to refer to when I returned home. I was especially pleased when she gave me recipes to get me started on my road to healthy eating. I also enjoyed my sessions. We chatted and had a few laughs. My Dietitian knows about nutrition and understands people. I would highly recommend Health Stand Nutrition to anyone needing help in planning and eating nutritional meals.”

    Diane Harris


    “I originally went to see my Dietitian with a desire to gain control of a binging problem. I have always been an all or none eater. A “good day” consisted of only healthy eating. No sugar, no treats, and very few carbs. If I “broke down” and had one cookie it then became a “bad day” and the eating was out of control and my whole day was bad. As a result I tried every diet and fad to lose weight. But the only thing I gained was even worse eating habits and more binging. Food consumed my mind and I found it hard to enjoy meal times. My Dietitian taught me how to not “diet” but eat the right amounts of a variety of food to feel full and satisfied. And most important she taught me that the grey area is OK. It’s okay to have a treat without guilt. I now have my bingeing under control and eat the right amounts of food to give me the energy I need. And I have a “treat” every day – in control – knowing that there’s always tomorrow to have it again. And for the first time in my life I am not totally consumed with what I’m eating. I can actually enjoy going out for dinner and preparing meals! I also feel confident I am teaching my daughters a healthy balance about food and eating. Thanks!”



    “Thanks to my Sports Nutritionists awesome advice on what to eat before and after workouts, I find that I always have the energy to continue on with my day, even after a very hard swim or a difficult day in the weight room. I have even noticed a difference in my competitive swimming as I now have more focus and more determination, which I’m sure is a result of the advice that my Nutritionist gave me. The plans are great because they incorporate small changes that seem to make huge differences in my day.  I loved her healthy alternatives to a few of the foods that I like. I also loved the recipes she gave me! Thank you again for all your help.”



    “I went to see my Dietitian almost a year ago now with a cholesterol problem. After analyzing my current diet and changes that I already made, she was able to present a multitude of further choices that would help even further. One of the best things in the changes to my diet that I appreciated was that I was able to continue to eat a lot of the foods I like. I only had to change some of the preparation methods and quantity. With the changes we made to my diet as well as exercise, I was able to reduce my cholesterol by over one unit in only 3 months. My Dietitian is very positive minded, and helps you focus on what needs to be done to achieve your goal. At the same time you feel committed, not pressured, to do what it takes. Thank you very much.”



    “When I found that my weight gain was beginning to interfere with my lifestyle, I decided that it was time to engage some professional assistance. From the day that I first met my Dietitian, her bouncy enthusiasm for her work was infectious. She is a very knowledgeable professional who brings a down home approach to her advice. She works with her clients in a manner that best suits their needs. My Dietitian and I agreed on a reasonable objective and then developed a strategy to achieve it. The objective was to lose weight at a reasonable pace until I had the overweight problem under control. The strategy was for me to develop a better understanding of the nutritional value of various foods and how they worked together in the human body to aid in healthy living. We mixed the nutritional discussion with other lifestyle commentary which enabled me to put the whole issue in context. One thing that I felt was very important from the beginning was to have fun doing it and not to lose energy as a result of lowering my caloric intake, as I exercise regularly as well. In fact, eating smarter increased my energy level. My Dietitian had many helpful hints in day to day living which enabled me to make the “dieting” aspect of the strategy very manageable. The simplest piece of advice that my Dietitian gave me was that there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t eat while on the program as long as I understood what I was eating and the impact it would have on my progress. A simple, initial target to lose 5 -10 pounds turned into an updated goal of losing 30 pounds. When that was achieved over six months, without ever feeling hungry, I decided to go for 40 pounds, which is where I was many, many years ago. Having achieved that milestone, my Dietitian and I are now working on a strategy to stabilize my weight loss and to ensure that the eating habit improvements achieved are embedded into my normal routine. I recommend Health Stand Nutrition very highly to anyone who would like to better understand the value of the food they are consuming and to learn some helpful, customized hints to improve their eating habits in a healthy, user friendly, way.”

    John Watson

    “I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and wanted to get helpful advice to get me eating better and on the right track as soon as possible.  My wife found Health Stand and we gave them a call. They had me matched up with a nutritionist right away.  My nutritionist was wonderful, extremely helpful and very encouraging.  I feel I’m on the right path now to keeping my blood sugar and pressure under control and can maintain this way of eating without feeling like I’m losing out. Also, fantastic people on the office side of things too who took my info, got me setup with the nutritionist and got my invoice updated after every appointment so it could be submitted for reimbursement.  All around positive experience and would recommend Health Stand to friends and family.”

    Matt Springer 


    “I just wanted to share with you the measurable changes that have occurred in my health/life since our first meeting about three and a half months ago. My total cholesterol has dropped from 5.8 to 4.6, and my doctor tells me to expect a further substantial reduction over the next year or so. My weight has dropped approximately 13 lbs. so far. I find that I need about one to one and a half hours less sleep per night than I needed before, to have the same energy the next day. Lastly, my digestion improved. There was nothing wrong with it before, but now it is turbocharged! This is all pretty exciting stuff for me, and I attribute it 100% to the program that you laid out for me. I will continue to mention you to people who might benefit from the same thing you did for me.”



    “My Dietitian has been very helpful with some blood sugar difficulties that I have been dealing with for years. She taught me how to eat in a way that keeps me full and ensures that my energy levels are high. Feeling light headed due to low blood sugar levels has been a consistent problem for me, probably since adolescence. I seldom experience this now, and if I do, I am now aware of what specific types of food to eat that are beneficial to me. I feel much healthier and through a combination of eating the proper foods, spacing meals and snacks appropriately and daily exercise I have lost 15 pounds – an added bonus I was not expecting. I have gone from being very close to having diabetes 6 months ago, to having current blood sugar levels that are normal. I am so pleased with the way my Dietitians advice has helped me create a healthier lifestyle.”



    “I originally came to see my Sports Nutritionist looking for assistance in attaining some very specific goals that I have struggled to achieve for more than 10 years, even with the assistance of other ‘nutritional professionals.’ I play professional lacrosse for the Calgary Roughnecks, and as a professional athlete I have found that the physical demands of my sport call for a very scientific approach to nutrition coupled with expert knowledge of sport-specific training routines. This truth combined with the natural hurdles of my vegetarian diet (I’ve been a vegetarian for over 15 years), have made my goals of weight-gain (and maintenance) very challenging. It was not until I begin nutritional sessions with my Sports Nutritionist that my objective of adding positive pounds (size and strength) in the amount of 15-20 lbs was realized. Moreover, I was able to achieve my goals in a much shorter time-span than I originally thought possible. Thanks to my Nutritionist, and her professional, sport-specific advice, I have achieved my weight-gain objectives, which has in turn greatly enhanced my game – all without compromising my dietary restrictions.”

    John Kilbride, professional lacrosse athlete, Calgary Roughnecks 



    “I readily admit that as it related to the ED, I couldn’t understand the value of a dietician when our therapist first suggested it. Our daughter was already seeing a therapist weekly and knew ALOT about food, nutrition, and healthy eating habits (yes, we understand the irony). I couldn’t have been more wrong.
    One of our biggest challenges was the emotional disconnect that had become obvious with the ED and was steadily and rapidly getting worse. Our daughter was depressed, angry, withdrawn; she felt unreachable no matter what we tried. Having our Dietitian meant that we could step back from ensuring my daughter was eating enough calories to survive and focusing on making sure she wasn’t getting sicker, and focus on supporting, encouraging, and validating her needs and experience. I cannot express this enough: THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING.

    We couldn’t make any progress related to food AT ALL, but she would see our Dietitian and return home ready to face whatever challenge they had agreed to. Even if the challenge felt impossible, their agreement meant that I was there to comfort and support, not plan and manage – this made a massive difference in our relationship and put a stop to the power struggles over food. I have NO DOUBT that her recovery went MUCH quicker and our relationship is actually stronger now primarily due to having our Dietitian as part of our recovery team.

    Our Dietitian also provided our daughter with another neutral third party that she could talk to, someone young enough to connect with and who isn’t her parent. She could say things to our Dietitian and be understood without having to overexplain or worry about hurting feelings. Our Dietitian has this ability to meet a teen where they’re at, speak to them on their level without talking down to them or being clinical. She made our daughter feel heard and powerful enough to overcome this loud voice that was tormenting her. My daughter would enter angry and sick and would emerge calmer and more secure; those good feelings were fleeting at first, but over time they lasted longer and longer.

    Another huge benefit was that we could trust that the progress she was making with the Dietitian was ‘enough’, so we could stop obsessing over her food intake and focus on our daughter. If you have a child with an ED, you understand the crushing weight created by the worry and uncertainty. Also, having someone with ED experience meant that we could turn to her when we had questions about my daughter’s progress and healing and what next steps would/should/could look like. This was incredibly valuable because as you walk through recovery with your child it can feel like you’re in a forest at night without directions -lost, helpless, fearful, panicked. Our Dietitian has the map and the flashlight.

    She also ‘held our hands’ as we learned how to sit with our daughter as she tried new challenges. She provided multiple resources and strategies that we used to help my daughter – we were fearful of pushing her too hard that she’d shut down, and also fearful of not holding the line and letting the ED gain traction; without our Dietitian it would have been incredibly difficult for us to know what to do. She was such a steadying and encouraging force whenever we had questions or we had a difficult experience, and a wonderful cheerleader when things went well.

    There is absolutely no question that our Dietitian was absolutely invaluable to us.”

    Caylie V.



    “I knew when I signed up for Ironman Canada, that I would need to ensure my nutrition was going to support the demands of an endurance training plan. I came to see a Sports Nutritionist and the information she provided to me was exactly what I needed. I came away with a formula to calculate precisely the amounts of carbohydrates and protein I needed as well as a new awareness of how to best restock my body’s fuel reserves and when to do so after working out. The information was invaluable to me for a successful training season and allowed me to fulfill all the training sets I needed to do, and have the energy to do every last one of them! I was confident about my food plan, which was absolutely integral to my successful year and competition. I never once felt that I had to compromise being a vegetarian as I knew exactly what my parameters were and how to best achieve optimal nutritional health.”



    “I met with a Sports Nutritionist at Health Stand Nutrition to discuss my personal goals, which were to increase my energy levels and muscle mass. She did a fantastic job at individually assessing my needs and offered numerous food choices that were catered for me. Since my visit, I have noticed an incredible change, I am feeling a lot stronger during my workouts, and my energy levels are higher then ever! I would without a doubt recommend Health Stand Nutrition to any individual looking to improve their lifestyle, no matter what fitness level or goal they have!”

    Jeff Lindstrom


    “I am very active and involved in competitive sports but my eating habits were a total disaster. My portion sizes were too large, my meals were not balanced and I was always hungry. I went to see a Dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition so she could help me in terms of eating properly and maybe guide me to losing all my extra pounds. And did she ever. She explained to me what I was doing wrong and why and what would be the right things to do. Her explanations, diagrams, charts, and recipes made sense to someone who had never really paid too much attention to their diet. I have lost over 20 lbs just by eating properly and continuing to exercise regularly. She bestowed me with confidence and made it all seem so easy, which I now realize it is. I feel great, have a tremendous amount of energy and fit into my jeans at the back of the closet again.”



    “Since meeting with my Sports Dietitian I feel that I have a better understanding of the nutritional needs for my body. I am a 19 year old competitive short track speed skater. This past season I had a lot of trouble with sickness and low energy. I thought I ate well, trained hard and recovered well enough to maintain my busy lifestyle and athletic performance. I tried many things to regain my energy; I rested more and even compromised training programs. I have always tried to eat “healthy.” To me healthy meant fewer treats and a restrictive lifestyle. After meeting with my Sports Nutritionist I discovered that my thinking was wrong. As an athlete my energy needs are high. She has taught me how to balance my eating in order to maintain my desired performance. My energy level has increased significantly. I have learned that being healthy does not have to be restrictive and complicated. She has helped me gain a greater understanding of nutrition, so that I can apply it to my lifestyle in practical ways. I really appreciated her wisdom, understanding and enthusiasm.”



    When I became pregnant I was concerned that my vegetarian diet may affect my growing baby. As a result, my doctor recommended that I see a Nutritionist. Visiting my Nutritionist was a great move because I learned that while my diet was basically good, there were many ways to improve upon it. I had to pay particular attention to my daily intake of protein, iron and calcium. It was a little challenging at first, as I had never been used to consciously planning my meals. However, I now had more than just myself to think about and so I was determined to do things right. I was grateful for all the handouts I was given and the many menu suggestions. I have never been much of a cook and have little imagination in that dept. I was therefore pleased that the suggestions were often very easy to prepare, though not necessarily obvious to the nutritionally-challenged! I also received great information on baby nutrition, something I have just started re-reading as our daughter is now 6 months old. Between us we’ve built a very healthy, bouncing baby.”



    “Why is it that we wait until something goes wrong before we take action to ensure our body gets the proper nutrition it needs to stay healthy. I made it all the way to age 53 before my balloon popped. I’d always thought I was eating properly, boozing socially and often congratulated myself that I didn’t smoke. My problems were cholesterol related and became evident at my annual medical examination. My Doctor was shocked when he passed me the results of my blood work. He gave me six months to get my ducks back in order and a requisition to repeat the blood work by year end. If I could not normal my cholesterol level I was going on the pill. I hate pills! I then met with a Dietitian from Health Stand Nutrition. In six months and three short meetings my Dietitian passed her nutrition experience to me. I followed her plan and made some lifestyle changes. Together we shocked my Doctor again! This time a positive shock. Will I be staying with the plan? You bet….. Thanks. You do great work. Yours now with: Normal Cholesterol.”



    “It has been nearly 2 years now since my struggles with anorexia first began. At my lowest, I weighed just barely more than 37 kg (82 lbs.). I had lost hope that recovery was ever possible and at points was ready to simply give up. I find it difficult to explain exactly what anorexia does to a person, but it was a constant tormentor and I suffered immensely. My Dietitian has been working with me for over a year now and with her help I have come a long way. She encouraged me to continuously seek help and honestly gave me the hope that I could get through this. Together, we worked on increasing my meal plans and adding in new foods, since my list of ‘safe’ foods had gotten smaller and smaller with time. Gradually, my list grew more and more, and with it, so did my confidence. There has been a dramatic shift in my eating patterns. I went from barely eating anything in a day to now eating 3 meals and 2 snacks each and every day. For the first time in over two years I feel ‘normal’. I am pleased to say that I have gained back all the weight that I lost and even a bit more to ensure I remain healthy at nearly 100 lbs. I can’t say that I’m 100% cured, because recovery from an eating disorder is a long and trying process. But, what I can say is that I have made many changes to my life and my hopes for the future have returned. I decided to write this letter because I truly believe that if my Dietitian could help me, she can help anyone. I can imagine that at times I must have been an extremely difficult client, but she never gave up on me. And because of her, I am here to tell you all my story of success.”



    “Working with my Dietitian has had significant impact on my health and quality of life. She motivates one to make important health changes through helping you set achievable goals, one at a time. This process allows a person to make life changes not just temporary fixes. For example, it’s taken time to lose 6 lbs. but they are staying OFF! I have a lot more energy, and know how to get good energy at times of the day I need it. I am rarely ill. My blood pressure is way down. I love nutritious foods and new culinary adventures. My Dietitian is positive and patient – there isn’t a goal you feel you can’t tackle.”



    “My usual tricks for losing weight were no longer working and I realized that I needed to become more informed about food and its effect on my body. With my Dietitians help, I have discovered how to gain control over my weight by making simple choices concerning what and when to eat. The results have been very gratifying in terms of weight loss and my overall health.”



    “This note is to say thank you so much for all your help with my nutritional questions. I have learnt so much from you. I found it quite fascinating to learn how to group foods together to get the best possible effects and how to choose foods which suited my lifestyle. I feel so much more energized. I know I will use the information you gave me the rest of my life and will impart this knowledge to my family and friends. I found your suggestions on lowering my blood pressure and choosing heart healthy foods a great help. Thank you once again, I know I will recommend you to anyone I feel needs help with his or her nutrition.”



    “My Dietitian was a tremendous help to me in changing my eating patterns only slightly to make a huge difference in my ability to control hunger. So long as I keep to that pattern of eating, I can feel well, energetic and fit. Weight loss is always very slow for me, but at least being able to not feel hungry all the time helps curb some of my unnecessary eating. Feeling well and improving on fatigue is a real bonus. My Dietitian made me feel like it is very possible to deal with the hunger that was getting in the way of my losing weight.”



    “I was advised be my doctor to consult a Dietician for help in reducing my cholesterol levels and in losing some weight. My Dietitian gave me great advice on the kinds of foods to eat to help me to do so and what times of the day to eat certain foods in order to keep my energy levels up. She also gave me some recipes to use and the ones I have tried so far have been delicious. My Dietitian is very helpful and is willing to spend time explaining her suggestions to you, without making you feel that if you eat something “bad” you are a failure. I know that I can call on her at any time, if I have any questions related to diet.”



    “Last week my doctor recommended that I come to see you. I am thankful that she recommended you. After only one meal I noticed a change. I really don’t remember feeling this good for a long time. My cravings for sweets has diminished and it’s just a bad habit now. Soon to be broken. I have more energy and I am full for a much longer period of time. I can’t believe what a difference this has made. Just by altering a few combinations and adding more carbs to my diet it has made a huge difference. I also eat smaller meals and snack in between. I am acutely aware if I have made a poor choice as I go from feeling great to not so good. I am much more aware now of what I’m putting in my mouth. I don’t want to feel crappy anymore because of the food I’ve decided to eat or not eat. Eating at the right times makes such a difference. I feel great. Thanks for finishing University. I’m sending a letter to my doctor also.”



    “I was recently diagnosed as glucose intolerant. With my Dietitian’s assistance I have been able to reduce my glucose level to near normal in a very short period of time. She helped us with meal planning, provided valuable information on food and shared many excellent recipes. Her approach was very professional, practical and informative. We are well on our way to a healthier lifestyle.”



    “What I love most about the Health Stand Dietitians is how they help people with healthy eating while still enjoying their favourite foods! I highly recommend the Health Stand team for credible nutrition advice and non-judgemental support in making lasting changes.”

    Richelle Tabelon, Registered Dietitian


    “I am 48 years old. About 3 years ago I weighed over 240lbs and was totally out of shape. I decided to try to lose weight and get fit. I started by walking the dog and then worked my way up to running. I entered a 10 K race and started to feel much better. Next I ran a half marathon and then finished a 180 km bike race. In February of last year I was 211lbs and 27.5% body fat. I could not seem to lose any more weight so went to see a Dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition. The plan was simple and very easy to follow and it worked. By October 3rd of this year I was down to 184 pounds and 19.9% body fat. I ran 2 Marathons and competed in the Mad Hawk, a 3 day Ironman distance triathlon where I completed the 180 km bike portion of the race an hour better than my time last year. Since then I have devoted more time to weight lifting. My weight has gone up slightly since muscle weighs more than fat. I now weigh 193 lbs but my body fat is down to 15.7%. Since I first started working with my Dietitian she has given me much more information on healthy eating, blood pressure reduction, and eating for endurance events. Her program is easy follow and stay on. I eat everything I did before just smaller portions. Sure every once in a while I pig out on something, but as my Dietitian says it is what you do 90% of the time that counts so don’t worry about one meal here or there. I don’t write down everything I eat each day anymore because making healthy choices has become more or less second nature. I think people as a rule underestimate what they eat and overestimate the physical activity they do. The fad diets may work for a time but can you stick with them? Will you have energy to be active? Can you eat regular food or will you be buying special diet food? Will you be eating the same food as the rest of the family? I think sensible eating as my Dietitian prescribes is the only way to go.”



    “Almost a year has gone since I first contacted Health Stand Nutrition. My lifestyle was preparing me for an early grave. I was working one full time job as well as subcontracting which used up a considerable amount of my time. I kept going by consuming large amounts of caffeine and taking pain killers to alleviate the headaches so I could handle the next day which held even more unrealistic expectations. Having so much on my plate lead me to grabbing fast food daily. My weight had sky-rocketed and once again, I was classed as obese. To top that, I had developed lactose intolerance and I had found out I had been anemic for several months. I also wanted to ensure that I am getting adequate nutrition to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer & osteoporosis. By some stroke of luck, despite my excessive weight I had not developed high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. My Dietitian did not give me a diet. She evaluated my eating habits. She provided me with a wealth of information. Most people see the big accomplishment as the weight loss. And they like to see that big number. I don’t want to tell how much I lost. I am still embarrassed about getting that heavy. I will say that I have lost somewhere between 35-40% of my original weight. Also, the number of pounds that I lost is not where I wanted to focus. That’s just cosmetic. Here are some numbers that are more deserving of a pat on the back.  About a year ago, I was totally out of breath trying to complete a 10 K hike with and elevation gain of 350 Meters. Six months after my first consultation with my Dietitian, I completed a 2 day 167 KM bike race. I have also gone on 34 hikes this year in the mountains (~480 KM with a total elevation gain of over 23 thousand meters. I got to go to places that I had not been before. I recently started trying indoor climbing. And I was recently introduced to snow shoeing. I think I’m hooked on both. The one thing that cannot be measured is the levels of energy, alertness and confidence that comes with getting healthier. And there no way I can describe the rush when I completed the bike tour or made it to the top of a climbing wall the first time. And the best photographer cannot capture what you get to see when you cross a mountain ridge.  I have discontinued subcontracting. I have not felt the loss of income – by the time I factored in how often I was eating out because I was too tired to prepare my own meals, I don’t think I was making anything. I have also completely given up caffeine and pain-killers and feel much more relaxed. I do give myself credit for what I have been able to do. It did not come without hard work. But I did find that the hardest part is the first month or so. After that, it becomes habit. My Dietitian helped by helping me with food plans to address my specific issues. She did not tell me to eat this or not eat this. She looked at what I wanted to accomplish and what I was willing to do to reach my goals and helped me develop my own plans – ones that I knew I would follow. While your goals may be completely different than mine, Health Stand Nutrition can help you come up with a plan to get you there.”



    “I have been a Registered Psychologist for 14 years working in the area of Eating Disorders. When I am first approached by a client suffering from an Eating Disorder, I always try to ensure they also make a connection with Health Stand Nutrition before I agree to take them on as clients. My reasoning for this is because the dietitians at Health Stand are realistic, down-to-earth, practical and beyond knowledgeable. Therefore, they are absolutely key in the recovery process.  

    Between Jana Spindler and I’s collaboration this past decade, we have successfully helped many families with very complex eating disorder presentations. Without Jana’s wealth of food science expertise and her firm, yet warm approach, I’m not sure how far I could get with my clients. 

    Jana provides sensible and attainable solutions, offers amazing advice, and wraps it up in warm, emotionally connected conversations. She validates what someone is going through all while educating, guiding and firmly directing the change that is needed.  It truly is the perfect balance for ED recovery. 

    If you are even remotely interested in working with Health Stand or taking this group program specifically, let my testimonial convince you to sign up. The Health Stand team is what I consider to be the best in the business and I would trust anyone in their care.  Along with any knowledge or expertise they offer to families going through such a challenging time.”  

    – Danelle Spence, Registered Psychologist @ Root Psychology   


    “I admit I went to see a Dietitian with somewhat of a closed mind, thinking she was going to be some “granola feeding dietitian”. Was I surprised! My Dietitian’s practical approach and acceptance of human nature helped me to lose 40 lbs and 6 pant sizes; and this was the absolute easiest way to lower my cholesterol. The tailored program allows me to eat whatever I want. The ongoing consultation and having my wife join the program definitely made a difference in my life.”

    Mike Podovinnikoff


    I learned how to leave dieting for life. I was taught how to intuitively eat. This was well over 6 years ago and I’ve never looked back. I also sent my son (age 11 at the time) in to get excited and to learn about meal prep and nutrition. He came out of it pumped for fruit and veggie smoothies. He can make a mean chicken finger dinner for us now!! Thanks team! I have and will continue to highly recommend working with your group!

    Jennifer Desilets


    “Our family came to Health Stand seeking support and guidance for our adult daughter (JB) after she completed an extended eating disorder day program at Alberta Children’s Hospital (12 weeks). With the help of an excellent program, an incredible health team and her own remarkable determination, JB moved through and beyond suicidal thoughts, bulimia, and depression. Following the program, JB continued her recovery, meeting regularly with psychologists, a psychiatrist, an occupational therapist and medical doctors. Still dealing with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder and anorexia, we felt JB needed ongoing nutritional support with someone she respected. One of JB’s psychologists recommended Health Stand.  

    JB made a great choice inviting our dietitian, a highly equipped registered dietician, to be part of her recovery team. JB appreciated our dietitian because she called JB out on her “BS”. JB could not hide much from our dietitian, and this was crucial in JB’s progress. Lies, and manipulation of the truth were often used by the eating disorder. It was a relief to have another person on JB’s team that saw eating disorder for what it truly was – ever changing, multi-layered, difficult to grasp, and not attached to JB’s identity or value. Our dietitian validated the experiences we were having, while detecting and calling out the tactics or schemes of the eating disorder.  

    With JB’s invitation and approval, there were no topics off the table. We were supported in our desire to be honest and vulnerable. Our dietitian encouraged questions and accepted the range of emotions that accompany recovery, while providing an open, honest, and respectful environment for our meetings. And whether we were experiencing a good day or a hard day, knowing we were always “on the same team”, was a valuable key in addressing the eating disorder.  

    Our dietitian was great at providing suggestions to improve weekly outcomes. She not only challenged JB, but at times provided us as parents, with alternative actions and words to think about and/or implement. Our dietitian also encouraged us to connect with her with questions or concerns in between appointments. Knowing there was help available outside of an appointment was a huge relief. 

    Having a strong, knowledgeable, and compassionate team was crucial in JB’s journey to recovery. We were thankful our dietitian recognized the value and importance of working collaboratively with other health professionals caring for our daughter. 

    We found a family-centred approach toward recovery to be very beneficial, even as parents of an adult daughter. We have all learned a great deal over the years. Our relationship, which has always been loving, supportive and accepting, is now even richer and deeper! Learning about our strengths and areas to develop, helped us to grow into healthier individuals, resulting in a healthier family.  

    JB now uses the various skills she has learned to be open and honest, to articulate her needs, advocate for herself, identity triggers, and to ask for help. We are so very thankful for JB’s progress! Her determination, joy and self-love, qualities the eating disorder tried to twist, shutdown and claim for itself, are now back where they belong, planted firmly in her beautiful heart and mind. 

    Working with our dietitian has helped us to know and understand each other more fully, to see the various ways we all cope, deal with stress and handle our insecurities. We are a richer family because of all the help we have received. Now that JB has been doing well for some time, we as parents have taken a back seat, and encouraged JB and our dietitian to continue working together without our direct involvement. Having said that, we know if we ever have concerns and/or questions, our dietitian is available. And that is a blessing!” 



    “As a fellow Dietitian, I often refer clients to the team at Health Stand Nutrition. I know they have a practical, holistic view of client’s needs. And help their clients to make lifestyle changes to feel better whether it’s through a healthier relationship with food, more organized kitchen or managing a health condition.”

    Jennifer House, Registered Dietitian

    “Some of the things I learned with my dietitian. I found my 4-week sessions with my dietitian very informative and helpful. I learned what kind of textures and fluid consistency are safe for my medical condition, how to eat at the dinner table sitting upright on a chair instead of standing up like I used to do. The idea of building balanced meals that include carbohydrates, vegetables/fruits, and protein, using equal amounts of each category is a great technique for satisfaction. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t believe how it helped me to feel full longer between meals. My dietitian imparts his knowledge in a kind, patient way and welcomes questions.  I plan to follow his advice since it has helped me enjoy my food more and feel stronger. Thank you.”

    Diane Harris

    “I was looking for guidance during my second pregnancy in an effort to educate myself on how to best care myself and understand nutrition. I have tried every fad diet out there and even when losing weight I realized none of it was sustainable and it left me feeling physically weak. I reached out to Health Stand Nutrition and I was assigned my dietician and through her I was able to learn a lot of useful information about nutrition. I finally understood why none of the fad diets will never stick or help in the long run.

    I was also able to stave off gestational diabetes with my second pregnancy. I have been told it is very unlikely to not have gestational diabetes the second time after having it the first time. I believe it was due to the lessons learnt on how to eat nutritious food and also staying active during my pregnancy.

    I believe Health Stand Nutrition is just what you need to educate yourself and transform your habits that lead to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. There are tons of useful resources available and your dietician will always be willing to help you at any point in your journey :)”

    Veena Jose

    “I really enjoyed my sessions with my dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition. She taught me a lot and listened to me. She did not try to force her ways of thinking like dieticians have done in the past thinking that was best for me. I am currently using the tools she gave me and will be booking more sessions in the new year.  I highly recommend them.”

    Courtney Franzon

    “I am a recently retired, extremely active health and fitness nut. I’ve always felt that I’ve been pretty good about managing my food choices, but I didn’t know for sure. I came to Health Stand Nutrition looking for 3 things.1. Confirmation that what I was currently eating was overall the right approach. 2. A deep dive into how my current diet stacked up against the daily recommended values of all the macro and micro nutrients. 3. Develop a plan for how I could adapt and change my diet throughout the aging process. And I can tell you that they absolutely delivered on all 3 fronts! I’m now more confident than ever in my nutrition as I look to enjoy great health for years to come.

    From the initial 15 minute consultation, to the 3 hours spent picking the brain of the sports nutritionist that was assigned to me, I felt like I was heard every step of the way. 1. I wanted confirmation that my current diet was in general pretty good. Check. I wanted a deep dive into the macro and micro nutrients that I was currently getting and needed to get. Check. I wanted a plan for the future as I head into my retirement years as an extremely active fitness nut. Again, check.

    In my experience, Health Stand Nutrition will definitely give you want you want and need to satisfy your nutritional goals.”

    Trent Doell

    “Thank you to my dietitian for all their efforts in helping me with my issues. Very much appreciated all the tips and solutions to what I have been dealing with. Love the new recipes my dietitian got me into and have tried a lot of them. I am sleeping better and have had less stomach pain. What a relief!! My dietitian also inspired me to bump up my cardio and as a result I am beginning to see my weight reduce.”

    Thanks again,

    Marge Sealock

    “My dietitian always explains information in great details very carefully and patiently. She is ready to spend time to clarify and get across all the facts to her patient, even better than the dietitians at the hospital. More importantly, she gives detailed session notes after each session,  allowing further reading on our own, thus enhancing confidence of the patient under her medical care. My dietitian is indeed a very knowledgeable, mindful and responsible dietitian.”

    Jenny & Dixon Lok

    “My dietitian is knowledgeable and very helpful. He is good at his work. I personally trust him for my diet without any questions. If you are looking for nutritionist,  and confused about whom to select, I highly recommend everyone to go for him. He won’t disappoint your expectations. Apart from his professional work, he is kind and listens actively.”

    Miyu Vaghasiya

    “Both my dietitians were such a great resource and support. They helped me to identify my unique concerns, and find the best person and resources to help me achieve my goals. Since working with the team at Health Stand I feel better prepared to enjoy balanced meals that meet my specific needs, identify and work to avoid any triggering foods for my IBS symptoms, and how to maintain my goals in the long term. I would highly recommend Health Stand to anyone who is seeking the support of a registered dietician.”

    Megan Eileen

    “This is just the help I needed with allergies, picky eaters and dealing with depressed or suppressed appetite from ADHD medication. I worked with my Registered Dietician at Health Stand Nutrition, for practical, meaningful solutions. He is delightful, smart and caring. He was extremely accommodating when my life went sideways during Covid. Our child is very thin. I now have ideas on how to boost their caloric intake in nutritious food. I face my own difficult allergies in cooking that make many recipes off limits. Now I have really good substitutions and many of them make recipes work. Previously I had just given the cookbooks away. Please, everyone, remember that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. For practical, scientific help that works, you all NEED a registered dietician. I could not have asked for better help than what I received from my dietician.
    The cost of this help isn’t cheap but neither is a good car. We are very fortunate that our work benefits covered the cost. It was an excellent investment in time and money.
    Many thanks for the excellent service.”

    Joan Bilsland

    “Health Stand Nutrition has been instrumental in changing my relationship with food. They provide guidance, support, and tools that ensure you learn and grow. My counselor has been not only a great source of information, but also a constant source of emotional support and empathy. My Dietitian never made me feel bad about my troubles with food and always has a positive outlook on my growth. My Dietitian has stressed progress over perfection. Thank you Health Stand Nutrition for continuing to help me on my journey.”
    Nadine Pearson

    “This is the second time I have used Health Stand Nutrition for my dietary needs. They are very knowledgeable, patient, and have gone above and beyond to assist me with my nutritional needs.”

    Reina Naidoo

    “My Dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition was fantastic to work with. I have disordered eating and my dietitian worked with me to find foods that I can eat. She never judged or pushed foods that I didn’t like. She kept me on track over 4 months so I could really make a difference and eat healthy over the long term.”

    Michelle Gibson

    “Health Stand Nutrition team was amazing. From first contacting them to find a dietician they were incredible. I explained our situation and they matched us with a dietician who was patient, kind and extremely helpful. They were very knowledgeable and fully listened to you. My husband and I felt very enlightened through our meetings which were done from the comfort of our home over zoom. This worked well around our work schedules. We have both gained tremendous knowledge to keep us on our healthy lifestyle change.

    Thank you. Kind regards,”

    Jaynel & Danny Fenton


    “My experience with my Dietitian was amazing, I learned a lot from her about intuitive eating and it was very transformative. Highly recommend!”

    Vanessa Foran

    “When I came to Health Stand, my child was struggling with food and at the time we thought depression.  As a parent I struggled, albeit still do, with failing my daughter and not providing her with what she needed most.  With time, I have come to learn more about my daughter and how I can be the person she can come to and lean on when times seem hard. 
    When we went on this journey with our dietitian to help our daughter we realized that our family unit was in need of repair as well, and as we continue with our daughters recovery our dietitian has taught us to be more of an emotional support system for the members of our family. As time moves along I wouldn’t have thought that our family was one in need of healing but in all honestly no family is perfect and we all have benefited from our dietitian’s knowledge and wisdom. 
    Our dietitian has guided us to help us work together with our struggles, and we do not need to handle the tough stuff alone.”

    Grace Davis


    “When I came to Health Stand, my child was struggling with food and at the time we thought depression.  As a parent I struggled, albeit still do, with failing my daughter and not providing her with what she needed most. With time, I have come to learn more about my daughter and how I can be the person she can come to and lean on when times seem hard. 
    When we went on this journey with our dietitian to help our daughter we realized that our family unit was in need of repair as well, and as we continue with our daughters recovery our dietitian has taught us to be more of an emotional support system for the members of our family. As time moves along I wouldn’t have thought that our family was one in need of healing but in all honestly no family is perfect and we all have benefited from our dietitian’s knowledge and wisdom. 
    Our dietitian has guided us to help us work together with our struggles, and we do not need to handle the tough stuff alone.

    Shara M.

    “I have been seeing a Dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition for almost 2 years and words cannot express how incredibly professional and helpful she is. At the beginning, getting in touch with Health Stand was easy and painless, and throughout the whole process, my Dietitian was incredible. I recommend the Dietitians here to anyone seeking nutritional assistance.”

    Grace Davis

    “I was a little confused when I decided to enroll in HSN services. I had so many questions! If I want to be healthy should I be focusing on losing weight or should I merely focus on eating healthy? What the heck is intuitive eating? Do I need to take vitamin supplements to meet my nutritional needs? Many marketers would lead me to believe I should.

    There is an abundance of conflicting information on health and diet. I didn’t really know what to believe anymore and wanted a reliable source of information. My dietitian, did an excellent job answering my questions and helping to clear my confusion.

    Each session we would discuss my goals, challenges, and successes. My dietitian provided valuable, pertinent and straight-forward information in a caring and professional manner. HSN’s approach to healthy and soulful eating is simple and refreshing. They promote a balanced and sustainable approach that includes the enjoyment of food.

    I learned how to identify and address the different types of hunger and how to gauge hunger and satiety cues. I learned how to build a balanced meal that includes grains/starches, vegetables/fruits and proteins and how to visually measure portions, thus simplifying meal times and promoting my confidence in making food and eating decisions.

    She also provided simple, quick and healthy breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack ideas. Sign-up for their newsletter to receive tidbits of information and recipes. I appreciated their focus on meal-planning skills and stocking a healthy pantry of foods you will enjoy and take pleasure in eating.

    I highly recommend Health Stand Nutrition Consulting services. The sessions are client-led, so I suggest you prepare by putting some thought into what your goals are and what issues you would like to address.”

    Beth Patton

    “Great service, I booked an appointment for my teenage son that plays sports and still needs to perform during school. Our nutritionist was very helpful and super easy to talk with, she made sure my son’s preferences were taken into account. The advantage of having the appointments online is that it could fit our schedule. In general the Health Stand Nutrition Consulting group was very efficient and helpful.”
    Faride Unda

    “My experience was very positive with Health Stand. Their staff are courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable in nutrition. I also appreciated the ability to do virtual appointments that were seamless and easy to navigate. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Health Stand Nutrition to gain a better understanding of how to eat better and become healthier.”
    Peter Davis

    “I had 4 sessions at Health Stand with my Dietitian, she was really easy to talk to and great to work with. I finished my sessions with a lot more confidence and a much better understanding of how to fuel my body. Would highly recommend their services, even if you don’t have food sensitivities or disorders.”

    Sara MacKenzie

    “Health Stand Nutrition provides a ton of information and resources when you sign up. The intake consultation was very thorough and I was happy with my nutritionist pairing. My dietitian was incredibly helpful and so easy to talk to. She made my sessions informative and relevant to what I was looking for. I felt like I could ask anything and looked forward to our sessions.”

    Emma B.

    My Dietitian was deeply helpful in our journey as new parents; namely, she offered both meaningful information and practical tools for us to start solids and weaning with our 6 month daughter. Her compassionate approach was tailored to our unique needs and we feel very grateful and much more capable at maintaining our nutrition goals as we nurture our growing family.”
    Whitney Kubeczek


    “My Dietitian was highly impactful in the discussions during our appointments with her. We deeply appreciate her knowledge around nutrition and how artfully she simplified everything for us. She was very methodical with her style of delivery and kept us accountable for the progress that we wanted to see in our nutritional choices.”

    “I had 4 sessions with my Dietitian and she was amazing! She was very easy to talk to and shared a ton of very helpful information. I came with disordered eating and she is very knowledgeable in helping with that as well as my other goals. I highly recommend her!”

    Knowledgeable professionals and helpful staff. Flexible meeting options and scheduling make getting help an easy and straightforward process. 4 sessions with my Dietitian allowed me to walk away with more than enough resources, tips and information to help me reach the goals we set for the future. Highly recommend!

    – Mark MacIsaac

    My Dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition was absolutely amazing. I can’t tell you how helpful the session notes were as well as all the material and recipes she provided for me. She was always so encouraging when we met in person and on our Zoom calls. These sessions helped my with my path going forward!”

    – Michelle Fraser

     “I cannot overstate how incredible working with my Dietitian has been. She has been instrumental in my ED recovery, helping me recognize unhealthy eating habits and thoughts as well as giving me positive feedback, celebrating my wins and keeping me on the path to long term health and success.”

    – Stephanie Elson

    My Health Stand Dietitian is one of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. I started my journey with diabetes a couple years ago and my A1C was at an 11.6. within a year she taught me so much about nutrition, my relationship with food, and diabetes in general. She is a wealth of knowledge and a beautiful person to be around on our last session my A1C was at a 5.9. A lot of the work that went into it was me, but she also gave me the confidence to believe in myself. I will truly miss our sessions together if you are looking for somebody to help you with your journey, I hope you choose my Dietitian.”

    – Dawn J.

    “My Dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition truly helped me flip my relationship with food upside down in the best possible way. She is an amazing listener, meeting you where you’re at and gently guiding you towards new habits one step at a time. I highly recommend working with my Dietitian to anyone who feels like they have tried everything on their journey with health, food, weight loss or body image, especially if you are wary of diet-culture. Not only does she have the science-backed nutrition knowledge, she delivers it in a caring, positive and encouraging way.”

    – Sarah E.

    “I had the pleasure of working with my Health Stand Dietitian over several months (I bought the ten session package and don’t regret it at all).  She was professional and personable and truly empathetic. The initial reason that brought me to HealthStand changed, but my Dietitian pivoted to match those evolving needs.  The resources she shared through the Practice Better portal were right on point and very useful.

    My experience has been so positive that I’m having my Dietitian in for a lunch and learn session at my workplace. I’m confident she will provide the same level of expertise, pose in presentation and personable nature with that audience as well.”

      – Rhonda Bernard

      My Dietitian is very compassionate and knowledgeable. She has successfully helped me through a very challenging time in my life. My Dietitian helped me improved my relationship with food and my body. Taught me skills and how to pre plan what I am eating. Thank you for all your help and support. I would 100 % recommend her to anyone who needs any sort of help with their eating habits.”

        – Steffie Soares

        “The Dietitian coordinator I spoke to when I first phoned Health Stand was exceptional and highly knowledgeable. Extremely passionate about her work. I felt so comfortable while discussing the process and program with her cause she is genuine and dedicated. She has shown empathy, listened actively to my concerns and was able to create a solution and communicated effectively to the team. I have thus far enjoyed interacting with her cause she cares!

        I have now enrolled in the 10 session program and so far lost 4 pounds.

        – Carmen Makarem

        “Our family did some virtual cooking and nutrition sessions with our Dietitian. We got many new healthy meal ideas to use at home. I highly recommend this group.”

        “The lady I first spoke to is an exceptional and highly knowledgeable dietician coordinator. Extremely passionate about her work. I felt so comfortable while discussing the process and program with her cause she is genuine and dedicated. She has shown empathy, listened actively to my concerns and was able to create a solution and communicated effectively to the team. I have thus far enjoyed interacting with her cause she cares!

        I have now enrolled in the 10 session program and so far lost 4 pounds.”– Carmen M.

        We can’t say enough great things about our Dietitian & our experience at Health Stand Nutrition!

        Our dietitian was attentive to my families needs, she was practical & so supportive of my teen daughter! As a parent, I receive tools and ideas to help me be a better support/Allie to my daughter! Such great life lessons.

        Thanks for such a fantastic experience!”

        – Joanne Bouchard

        “I have a positive experience with Health Stand Nutrition. My Dietitian she is great! I enjoyed all our sessions. She has shared many tips and tricks that helped me to develop healthy eating habits. She’s also provided tons of helpful information and was ready to answers all my questions. I highly recommend their services.”

        – Yuliia Vislovukh

        My quality of life has improved since seeing a dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition. My Dietitian was amazing, never judgmental, always helpful and full of knowledge. Before seeing her, I couldn’t go anywhere for more than a 10 minute drive. When I did arrive somewhere, I was looking for a washroom right away. IBS had taken over my life and it wasn’t fun. My Dietitian gave me tools to use and knowledge to get my tummy back in shape. Now my quality of life is much better. My tummy is not a problem anymore and my bowels are grateful.

        I highly recommend this company for anybody with tummy issues or any kind of dietary issues. I’m so appreciative. Thank you!”

        – L.H

        “Working with my Dietitian was great! She was very informative and provided a lot of information to help me adjust my eating habits successfully. I enjoyed our sessions and the tips I received, not only about diet but about exercise too, have been very helpful on this journey. I feel better and have more energy. I highly recommend my Dietitian and Health Stand Nutrition Consulting Inc.

        – Tanya Nugent

        I found our sessions with Health Stand Nutrition and our dietitian very helpful for our entire family. Our dietitian was wonderful with our children, giving them lots of information about how to build complete meals and snacks, as well as addressing their specific issues around food and nutrition. As a parent, our dietitian worked with my previous knowledge and theories about nutrition and built on them further, helping me navigate through complicated scenarios and delicate conversations to have with my kids. She was so willing to let me guide the subject matter of our sessions and offered so many ideas and resources along the way. We learned so much about both general family nutrition, and some specific concerns we had, that will help us for years to come.”

        – Heather Moulton

        Working with Health Stand Nutrition was a great experience! My dietitian was kind and very helpful! The lovely ladies at the office were patient and worked with me to make it all wonderful!

        – Courtney Holst-Allen

        Health stand is both knowledgeable and kind. I finished my session with more information about food and less stress.”

        – Johanna Pyle-Carter

        I am so thankful there is a place like Health Stand Nutrition. I struggled with several health issues and some pretty severe digestive issues. My doctor recommended Health Stand and from the moment I called, they took the time to get to know me and listened to my concerns. They paired me with my dietitian and she was just what I needed. She is knowledgeable, kind and always encouraging. After working with her and following her suggestions, a lot of the issues I was experiencing have cleared up and I feel so much better.

        I would not hesitate to recommend the people at Health Stand Nutrition. They have flexible plans and many qualified Dietitians to help you with any nutritional concerns.”

        – Cat Laf

        My dietitian is excellent to work with. Very friendly, knowledgeable, educated and great client skills. Thanks!”

        – Sierra Drummond

        “Our family made the decision to consult with our dietitian to explore new ideas for snacks and meals, to keep our kids fueled during their busy dance and hockey schedules.

        The Health Stand Nutrition team were wonderful to deal with, from our initial call to discuss the best practitioner fit for our family, to explaining the different plan options and finally getting connected with Jana.

        Our dietitian was an amazing resource for our 11-year-old daughter, who was very specific about what she wanted to eat. Through our appointments Jana educated her on how what we eat impacts her energy levels and performance at school / activities. My son is only 7, but he was also there listening and engaging in the conversation. Our dietitian connected so well with my kids and explained food in a way that made it fun and allowed them to be open to trying new things. She also helped us figure out why our daughter didn’t enjoy eating certain kinds of protein and find ways to make meat more appetizing.

        Since working with our dietitian, we have noticed our daughter is more tolerant of foods she would complain about prior and has been making decisions for lunch and snacks that sustain her through her busy schedule.

        I highly recommend our dietitian for any families looking for assistance in expanding their children’s preferences and figuring out new options.”

        – Noreen Farrell

        “I have had the pleasure to work with our dietitian this year. I have always struggled with being on a diet or starving myself, yes I would lose weight but it would be short lived and I would gain it all back. Annoyed to spend the money and cranky that I’ve done this to myself.

        This year I decided to work with a nutritionist and have a plan to move forward, a friend recommended Health Stand. I really like the plate plan, and planning our meals, my dietitian helped me with meal ideas, she added more veggies and fruit on a daily basis.

        I feel better, I’m more comfortable with me and I have also shared my info from our 1on1 sessions with my family, I feel that I can move forward with this plan on a daily basis, no more yo-yo diets.


        – Tracy Crooks

        My dietitian at Health Stand Nutrition truly helped me get back on track with healthy eating habits. I can’t say enough good things about her!! I really enjoyed our sessions which really felt more like getting together with a good friend! She was extremely easy to talk to and provided so much great information and also explained the science behind all the topics we discussed.

        Since working with my dietitian, I have a much better understanding of how to fuel my body.  There were no unsustainable gimmicks, but instead, just great information that I’ll be able to put into practice every day.

        – Susan Deigner

        My dietitian was so attentive and knowledgeable in our appointments. She has a ton of great resources that are shared across the office and great advice for helping me get on track with my nutrition. She was super open to talking about my personal struggles with food and helping me move in a direction of healing. This office is so great for creating a healthy mentality around eating and maintaining a good relationship with food. I still have work to do on my end to get to where I want to be both mentally and physically but the resources Jamie and the office provided me have given me a solid foundation to build from.

        I can’t think of a better team to help me grow and heal. Highly recommend this team!”

        – Christina Devetzis

        My dietitian at Health Stand is amazing! I had the best time working with her and really appreciated all her tips and suggestions. I feel as though I’ve made so much progress which I could not have done without her. I can’t recommend her enough if you are looking for a dietician!”

        Rachel Aziz

        “Working with my dietitian and Health Stand Nutrition was a great experience! My dietitian was so helpful and knowledgeable. She created a family plan that was sports nutrition related, anti inflammatory and toddler friendly. It helped me simplify all of my family goals while not spending hours in the kitchen. Thank you so much!”

        Jenna Huckabay

        “I started at Health Stand after being diagnosed with celiac disease. The front desk was very quick to answer all my questions. I was set up with my dietitian. She is amazing. She is compassionate and knowledgeable. I recommend Health Stand for anyone seeking out nutritional support and knowledge.”

        – Jessica Pabst

        “We were so glad to have found this company. My dietitian’s expertise and personality suited us so well. She helped us to organise our eating in regards to timing and control of the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins. My dietitian was able to help my husband and I with our different needs. We are looking forward to trying some of the meals and recipes she has provided.”

        – Barbara Watts

        “I recently completed the learning Nutrition program offered by Health Stand, and I am compelled to share my overwhelmingly positive experience.

        This program has exceeded my expectations in every aspect, and I am grateful for the invaluable knowledge and skills it has equipped me with.

        The support provided by my dietitian was exceptional. She was available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer constructive feedback.”

        – Manuel Urunuela

        Our dietitian, was amazing to work with! She helped my husband and I so much with our meal planning (life changing!), and strategies to eat healthier. I initially heard about Health Stand Nutrition at work, and realizing that both myself and my husband’s benefits would cover the cost I thought why not give it a go. We were so glad that we did! It was such a positive experience with absolutely no judgement or shame. Highly recommend!

        Leigh Derby

        Health Stand Nutrition matched me up with a perfect dietitian with the knowledge and interest in helping me nourish my brain after a concussion.  The online sessions are so convenient and the resources were extremely helpful.”

        – Travis Wall

        My dietitian is very knowledgeable and easy to chat with. I didn’t really have any expectations when signing up, but it has been a very positive experience and lots of great advice. Anyone can benefit from consulting with a nutritionist regardless of health level.”

        – Amy Randal

        Life changing. I thought I would need to go on a restricted diet. I thought I already knew what I needed to do. I was wrong. What I needed was evidence based advice that suited me, and my circumstances. This is what I got. I am thrilled with the evidence based advice, coupled with the encouragement that has put me on the right path to a nutrient dense future and a new love of cooking and baking

        “My dietitian at Health Stand is an awesome person to work with. An honest and friendly conversation about my health and diet transformed my lifestyle. Her advice advice was so powerful that I doubled my weight lifting at gym in few weeks after talking to her. I recommend her as dietitian!”

        My dietitian is great, super informative. Remembers so much of what you say and provides extremely constructive feedback and goals.”

        – Shyan H.

        My dietitian was very helpful in educating us in regards to the science behind blood glucose, and how to change our diet to get our numbers lowered. She helped us with how to read nutrition labels on food, how to reduce carbs, and gave us meal plans and recipe suggestions. She was always very encouraging! She helped us change our eating habits while still enjoying our food, and not feeling like we were depriving ourselves. While focusing on getting the A1C down, we also lost some weight as well, which was a bonus! The cost of our sessions seemed high, but the help was valuable.

        I just had lab work done and the results showed my A1C level went down – our goal was met! We are so pleased, and will continue on this healthier eating/lifestyle journey. Thank you!”

        – Dorene McIntyre

        My dietitian from Health Stand Nutrition Consulting was outstanding! Not only was she both helpful and knowledgeable but she held me accountable. I loved all of the information she provided for my specific needs. I really enjoyed each session with her. I was also given tools and worksheets to keep me motivated and informed. Thank you so much for everything!! :)”

        – Jennifer Worden

        “I have been working with my dietitian for several months. I am so thankful for her knowledge and guidance. She has changed my perspective on food and toxic diet culture that I did not realize that was impacting my daily life. Working with her has been an amazing and freeing experience.”

        – Patricia Eklund

        “Health Stand Nutrition is a well established business. They coordinate services, based on individual needs. My dietitian was compassionate, and highly knowledgeable. The assistance she provided to my family helped us through difficult times. I would highly recommend her.”

        – Carmen Lazorek


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